PalmScan PRO

PalmScan PRO is a unique device capable of performing both applanation as well as immersion biometry. It does both quickly and with extreme accuracy. PalmScan’s battery operated ultrasonic technology allows for measurements of even the densest cataractous eyes, giving you 100% patient coverage. Another feature of the PalmScan PRO is the Contact/Applanation mode where the PalmScan utilizes our proven “Corneal Compression Detection” technique which warns the user of any corneal compression, preventing the user from taking inaccurate measurements. PalmScan PRO enhanced Ophthalmic medical device tablet with advanced charging and battery life which includes multiple USB outlets for operation with additional probes such as Pachymeter, USB B-SCAN, KERATOMETER.  the main advantage of the pro is that it can be charged while being used.