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Micro Medical provides practical solutions to support practice efficiency through advanced portable technology.


VF2000 NEO

The VF2000 NEO takes the versatility of the G2 and pairs it with our newest innovation, Active Eye Tracking. Active Eye tracking follows the gaze of patients during a visual field test, allowing for more precision in this important test.

G2 Left MMD

VF2000 G2

The VF2000 G2 is the perfect option for practices looking to incorporate virtual reality on a deeper level. Equipped with an upgraded 4K display, the G2 adds the capability to perform a range of visual screening tests in addition to its visual field capability.


VF2000 Focus

The first commercially available VR Visual Field headset, the Legacy VF2000 Focus released as the only device of its kind to put reliable visual field technology into a cost-effective, portable package.
A-Scan Biometer with IOL Calculator PalmScan A2000T

A-Scan Biometers

MMD A-Scan devices use ultrasound technology to precisely measure axial length, lens thickness, and anterior chamber depth, for cataract surgery and myopia management.

Mobile USB Ophthalmic B-Scan at Micro Medical Devices

B-Scan Biometers

The MMD B-Scan is a USB-based device that uses ultrasound technology to view the internal structures of the eye, even in patients with corneal or lens opacity.

Micro Medical PalmScan Device


MMD’s Pachymeter devices measure corneal thickness to help detect a range of eye conditions. They’re capable of measuring extremely thin corneal grafts (under 100 micron).

MMD Auto Keratometers

Auto Keratometers

The MMD Auto Keratometer device is handheld, USB-based technology that measures the outer curvature of the eye to assist in planning for a lens replacement procedure.

OMNI Corneal Cross Linking System from Micro Medical Devices

OMNI Corneal Crosslinking System

Corneal Crosslinking enables doctors to slow the progression of keratoconus in their patients. The MMD OMNI system provides focused UV light, critical for effective treatment.

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Meet the VF2000

Aware of how much of a bottleneck traditional Visual Field Analyzers can be to the ongoing development and growth of the practice, we developed the VF2000 with the everyday doctor in mind. Able to run threshold, neuro, and ptosis tests in perfect alignment with the Humphrey Field Analyzer and generate familiar, easy to read reports, this innovation is a must have for the modern practice.

“It’s nice that they’re hands on and everyone knows the product well. Unlike other companies, they never give a non-direct answer that doesn’t really address the issue, and they’re very quick to respond. I haven’t had any issues with them at all”

Deepan Selvadurai, MD


Why Choose Our Visual Field Analyzers

Micro Medical Devices is a technology company that specializes in developing portable, handheld technology to help solve day-to-day challenges for a new generation of eye care practitioners. We’re led by a team of engineers, designers, and clinical experts, committed to combining our expertise for the benefit of the people who use our products.


Micro Medical Devices has taken great pride in delivering complete solutions to practices. Our solutions don’t stop at just innovative technologies. Every product is backed by our unconditional 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our team of committed practice advocates are available live to ensure that your practice gets maximum value from your MMD product.

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