The handheld, portable, ophthalmic biometer to take central and peripheral measurements where no other pachymeter can.

 Handheld ophthalmic biometer pachymeter from micro medical devices
Portable pachymeter from micro medical devices

Why Do You Need a Pachymeter?

A pachymeter is a probe that measures the thickness of the cornea at any point, creating a map that can be used for multiple applications. Pachymetry data can be used in glaucoma management to estimate the effect of corneal thickness on IOP and in screening for corneal abnormalities like keratoconus and in the planning of Limbal Relaxing Incisions (LRIs). It is also used in pre-surgical exams for cataract and refractive surgery patients, adding advanced precision and improving outcomes.

Benefits of Pachymeter by Micro Medical Devices

The Pachymeter by Micro Medical Devices is designed for mobility, accuracy, and ease of use in surgical care.

Pachymeter extended range for central and peripheral regions of the cornea icon


The MMD Pachymeter can take precise measurements from both central and peripheral regions of the cornea
USB tablet system campatibility icon

System Compatibility

MMD Pachymeter probe is compatible with a PalmScan USB, tablet, and PalmScan Pro
Safe disposoble probe tips icon

Safe, Disposable Tips

Compatible with our proprietary, single-use Pachy Tips, simplifying the cleaning process, lowering risk of damage to the probe, and making corneal thickness measurement safer
Corneal Mapping Icon

Corneal Mapping

In CMAP Mode, the MMD Pachymeter creates a corneal map from 17 different measured points
Improved data accuracy icon

Record Accuracy

An industry-leading sampling frequency of 264 MHz and a probe of 50 MHz improve measurement accuracy
PPDF exportable exam reports Icon

Ease of Interpretation

Reports are easy to export in a PDF, view, and interpret for clinical decision making
limbal relaxing incision measuremnt icon


Capable of providing measurements used to plan a Limbal Relaxing Incision (LRI) procedure to alleviate corneal astigmatism.

DSAEK measurements Icon


Unlike other pachymeters, ours is precise down to 75 microns, making it ideal for use when planning and performing DSAEK procedures.

Why Our Portable Pachymeter?

Our portable pachymeter, with a 3-micron measurement of accuracy and 50 MHz probe, provides some of most accurate measurements available today. This technology allows doctors to verify accuracy by displaying the measured echogram of the cornea with each measurement. It is easy to use and integrates with any of our PalmScan systems — USB, Tablet, and PalmScan Pro. The probe is compatible with our proprietary Pachy Tips, making this device safer and easier to use than others on the market.

The pachymeter has the ability to accurately measure the peripheral cornea. These measurements can be used in our LRI calculator to plan a Limbal Relaxing Incision (LRI) to alleviate corneal astigmatism.

LRI pachymeter
Pachymeter c wave report from micro medical devices
Pachymeter corneal map report from micro medical devices
Pachymeter CCT report from micro medical devices
Pachymeter DSAEK report from micro medical devices
Pachymeter DSAEK module

Check Out the DSAEK Module!

When the thickness of the corneal bed can make all the difference in certain types of corneal transplants, you need the most precise tools to guarantee success. Unlike other pachymeters that can measure down to 150-120 microns, ours is precise down to 75 microns.

Because it’s easily transportable and compatible with sterile probe tips, our pachymeter is a perfect tool to get the most precise measurements before and during the DSAEK procedure!

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