Portable Ultrasound Biometry

The handheld, multimodal ophthalmic biometer you need to take critical measurements from anywhere

The PalmScan Ophthalmic Biometer: Putting Critical Information in the Palm of Your Hand

What if you could quickly record and store all the information you needed to perform precise cataract or refractive surgery with a device that fits into a backpack? At Micro Medical Devices, we’ve always aimed to create portable solutions that support the needs of the modern practitioner, no matter where or how they serve their patients.

With the PalmScan range of portable ultrasound ophthalmic biometry tools, you can acquire critical data about the corneal curvature and thickness, the axial length, and the quality of the posterior segment, with a few devices that can easily go with you from office to office, in the field, or wherever your practice takes you.

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All the Tests You Need for High-Quality Care

The PalmScan ocular ultrasound devices allow you to customize the optional peripherals and tests to your unique needs:
Portable A Scan probe for measuring axial eye length by Micro Medical Devices

A Scan

The A Scan probe measures the length of the eye (axial length) from back to front, useful in customizing surgery, choosing IOLs prior to lens replacement, and guiding the management of severe myopia. Part of our full biometry set, it provides industry-leading accuracy at a sampling speed of 264 MHz using convenient disposable immersion tips.


Part of our portable set, the Pachymeter probe measures the thickness of the cornea at a best-in-class, 50 MHz frequency using disposable tips. Clinical applications include use in pre-testing for cataract and refractive surgery as well as assessing Keratoconus and as part of the exam for glaucoma-suspect patients.

Pachymeter probe for measuring cornea thickness from micro medical devices
B scan USB ultrasound probe from Micro Medical Devices

B Scan

The B Scan probe connects with any computer using a simple USB, offering an ultrasound reading of the eye’s anterior segment. The B Scan helps doctors detect dysfunctions of the vitreous and retina, as well as other aberrations that may affect the outcomes of surgery.


The Keratometer attachment to the PalmScan devices provides USB-connective measurement of a patient’s corneal curvature, important for assessing contact lens fit, analyzing degree of Keratoconus, and determining necessary focal power in an IOL before and during cataract surgery.

Keratometer attachment to the PalmScan devices with USB connection from micro medical devices

You Need an Ophthalmic Biometry Device That’s as Flexible as You Are

Customizable Hardware

The probes you elect to use for measurements is only one half of the equation. We also offer a range of flexible solutions that allow you to customize the way you record and view the data — from a standard computer or using a range of portable integrated devices — to fit the way you operate in your practice or out in the field.

The PalmScan ocular ultrasound devices allow you to customize the optional peripherals and tests to your unique needs:
Palmscan pro portable opthalmic biometer from Micro Medical Devices

PalmScan Pro

Our most versatile and adaptable solution, the PalmScan Pro available for our full suite of biometry tools. Equipped with both auxiliary and USB inputs that allow you to run and record measurements from the A Scan, the B Scan, the Pachymeter, and the Keratometer probes, the PalmScan Pro is truly the ideal all-purpose tool for the modern practitioner.

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