Frequently Asked Questions


How do I charge the PalmScan device?

To charge the PalmScan device: Connect the DC wall Adapter to the PalmScan device and make sure the Green power LED is ON. Turn the On/Off switch on the side of the device to the On position. In the PalmScan application, the PalmScan charge indicator will notify you when the device is low in charge, charging or fully charged. Low charge is indicated visually on the Main Page and using an audio alarm. Charging condition is indicated by a continuously increasing power level. Full charge condition is indicated by the stoppage of the increasing power level.

How do I turn on my PalmScan Device?

To turn on the PalmScan device: Switch the red On/Off button on the side of the device to the On position. Press the rectangular Suspend button on the front of the device (just under the Green Power LED). If booting from the SD Card, you will first see the Blue PalmScan Logo and after about a minute the system will complete boot process and PalmScan application with automatically launch itself. If booting from the Flash (when no SD card is present), you will first see a test pattern which will be followed by the Blue PalmScan Logo.

How do I display my PalmScan device screen on my PC?

Displaying the PalmScan Device’s screen on a PC is a good way to use the device if you feel the screen size is small for you. This method also simplifies the data entry since your PC keyboard and mouse can be used for controlling the PalmScan device. Follow instructions for installing ActiveSync or “Windows Mobile Device Center” so your device can get connected to the PC. Install the WindowsMobilePowerToys.msi from the installation CD provided with the device. Run the “ActiveSync Remote Display” software on your PC. On the PalmScan Device, exit PalmScan application and run “Remote Display” application by double clicking the icon from desktop. Select OK and Connect to complete the remote display connection. On the PC, set the Zoom ratio from Zoom menu and select “Send all Mouse commands” from tools menu.

How do I RESET the PalmScan device?

You can reset the PalmScan device by inserting a pin type object into the “RESET” hole on the back of the device. The reset hole is located in the circular recess on the back of the unit. The handle of the devices’ stylus can be snapped off or unscrewed and used to reset the device.

What do I do if the unit does not turn on (power on)?

Plug in the external power supply. Make sure you have power by checking that Green LED on the PalmScan device is On. Turn On the On/Off switch on the side of the unit so the Battery can get Charged. Press the rectangular suspend button on the PalmScan.

I am having a very hard time acquiring AScan data. I can get a few but captures are very slow?

The PalmScan device has software that looks for good alignment of the ultrasonic probe with the visual axis. it is important the the user tries to get the probe aligned with the visual axis. The best way to do this is to look for a strong posterior lens echo. The following are some of the adjustments that can help in making data captures easier: Select off value for Ultrasonic Alignment Test (UAT). Increase system gain. Adjust system gates to the appropriate locations.

I am performing Immersion AScans and the result for AL is abnormally high?

Make sure that the immersion checkbox is selected.

I am performing Pachymetry and I don’t get any captures?

Make sure you have the correct (black-color) transducer plugged in. Having the AScan probe connected to the system in a pachymeter mode results in data not being captured.

I am performing Immersion AScans and I get a 13mm reading?

Make sure you have the correct transducer plugged in. Having the Pachymeter transducer connected can cause this error.

I am performing AScan readings and I don’t get any captures?

Make sure you have the correct (white-color) transducer plugged in. Make sure you have the correct eye type selected.

The Date and Time of data capture are off?

Exit the PalmScan application. Go to the Control Panel page, select date & time and enter the correct date and time.

Where can I find the User Guide?

The PalmScan User Guide is available in the User Guide folder of the installation CD the ships with the device.

How do I print with PalmScan?

There are 3 different ways that you can print from PalmScan. USB print: Allows you to print directly to a supported printer From PalmScan application main page, select “Admin” Button and then “Printer Setup” Select Printer option and then select the printer driver from the Printer drop down list Select “USB” from the Port drop down list and Select Save PDF print: Print effortlessly to a PDF file that you can easily access from a PC From PalmScan application main page, select “Admin” Button and then “Printer Setup” Select “PDF File” option and then select the location for the reports to be stored To access the PDF reports, connect your device to a PC using the mini-USB port on the device (“ActiveSync” or “Windows Mobile Device Center” software must be installed on the PC). Using the windows file browse, navigate to the PDF reports folder and copy the files to your PC for printing.

How do I update the PalmScan application?

In order to update your PalmScan application you need to copy the new NK_release.bin file to the following two locations on your device: //SD Card//NK_release.bin //Yaffs_part1//bin//NK_release.bin You can update your PalmScan application by copying the new NK_release.bin file to your SD Card from your PC and then placing the SD card in your PalmScan device and copying the NK_release to the listed folders. You can also perform the update by connecting your device to your PC using a mini-USB cable and copying the files directly to the device using “ActiveSync” (Windows XP machines) or “Windows Mobile Device Center” (Windows Vista or 7 machines).