Frequently Asked Questions

We take pride in developing devices that are easy for you — and your technicians — to adopt in your practice and start benefitting from almost immediately. Feel free to browse questions we’re commonly asked by customers to aid in the decision to adopt one or more of our convenient, handheld devices:

VF2000 Focus, G2, and NEO

Is virtual reality technology confusing or difficult for doctors or patients to use?

While the words “Virtual Reality” may suggest that the underlying technology is complex, it’s actually extremely easy-to-use devices that function off of VR technology. All the patient has to do is put the headset on, and with help from the devices’ narrated instructions and minor input from the technicians, all of the available tests are easy to run!

I currently have an HFA. Can the VF2000 replace it?

It can, but it doesn’t have to. The VF2000 can function perfectly well as the single visual field testing device for a practice. But, many doctors buy a VF2000 model to add efficiency and cut down on wait times in their exam lanes. The cost-effective nature of the VF2000 models make it easy to purchase additional devices as your practice expands!

Are the VF2000 tests reimbursable?

Yes! VF2000 testing is able to be billed using CPT codes 92083, 92082, and 92081.

Is the headset burdensome and uncomfortable?

No! In fact, for most patients it’s more comfortable than the awkward craning required for standard VF tests. It straps on and sits comfortably on the head, and patients can sit in any position they find most comfortable.

Are the VF2000 models good for traveling doctors?

These devices are great for any doctor, but for those who travel between practices, in and out of nursing homes or emergency departments, and anyone who does service trips overseas, all three VF2000 models have the flexibility to be easily transported anywhere!

I travel a lot. Will I need to worry about Wifi everywhere I go with the VF Headsets?

Nope! We don’t sell a single device that requires a wifi connection — even our headsets only need a bluetooth connection.

Are the VF2000 models difficult to clean?

Not at all! In fact, during the COVID-19 pandemic, more doctors than ever turned to our wearable technology as a safer alternative to conventional visual field testing equipment.

Is the VF2000 easy for techs to work with?

Of course — big, user friendly buttons and dropdown menus on our tablet make it easy to train staff. Most people can become VF2000 pros in under an hour!

I know how to read HFA reports. Am I going to have to learn a whole new set of reports just for the VF2000 devices?

Don’t worry! Our Visual Field reports look extremely similar to familiar reports generated by the HFA and similar devices, so the data is easy to interpret!

Portable Biometry Solutions

Do I have to buy every single piece of the Portable Ultrasound Biometry set if I only want a couple of components?

Not at all! Mix and match the set to create the biometry solution you need.

Do I have to buy a base (PalmScan Pro or Tablet) to go with the MMD biometry probes?

No! While we recommend using the PalmScan Pro if you need a complete biometry solution, all four probes can be configured to connect to a PC via USB. (However, the A-Scan and Pachymeter probes need a separate USB adapter).

Does your Pachymeter or A-Scan come with disposable tips?

Yes! While we sell Prager shells for those who prefer them, we make disposable tips for our Pachy and our A-Scan probes.

Does Your PalmScan device come with an IOL Calculator?

Yes, it does. Simply select a set of measurements and our calculator will recommend an IOL strength.

How are your devices operated? Will I always need spare batteries?

Every MMD biometry base operates using eco-friendly rechargeable batteries!

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