VF2000 Technology: A Win-Win for Dr. Kamkar and His Patients

Portable, efficient, and reliable, Micro Medical Devices’ VF2000 headsets are changing the way doctors perform visual field testing in their practices. Just ask Dr. Babak Kamkar, OD, who, since adopting industry leading VF2000 technology, has maximized patient satisfaction and increased the efficiency and versatility of his practice.

Meet Dr. Babak Kamkar

Dr. Kamkar is an optometrist in Glendale, CA, with over 35 years of experience. Over his career, he’s been dedicated to providing his patients with unsurpassed service combined with the latest in eye care technology.

It’s Dr. Kamkar’s commitment to maintaining a high standard of care that drives him to use the most advanced, state-of-the-art diagnostic and screening tools. The VF2000 is no exception. In fact, when he purchased his first wearable visual field testing device (the VF2000 Focus), it didn’t take long for him to add another model to his collection — the VF2000 G2.

Today, this is one of the most heavily used devices in his office. We had a chance to talk to him about his experience upgrading from bulky, inefficient conventional equipment to the latest in cutting-edge virtual reality technology.

Commitment To Your Success

Micro Medical Devices has taken great pride in delivering complete solutions to practices. Our solutions don’t stop at just innovative technologies. Every product is backed by our unconditional 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our team of committed practice advocates are available live to ensure that your practice gets maximum value from your MMD product.

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Maximizing Practice Space

When asked which features of his VF2000 device he likes the most, Dr. Kamkar didn’t hesitate. “The main thing is it doesn’t occupy space,” he said. “It frees up other rooms and other chairs for other services.”

Unlike other visual field testing technology, the VF2000 gives practices with limited available space the ability to perform a wider range of visual field diagnostics without having to dedicate an entire room for it.

Shorter Test Times, Improved Patient Flow

The VF2000 devices represent a new era in practice efficiency. Not only can they easily be packed up and transported in and out of the practice setting, VF2000 technology includes built-in patient education in multiple languages for each screening and testing module, so operation involves little to no interaction from the technician.

“We don’t need to say anything,” Dr. Kamkar said. “We don’t need to interact with [the patient] to tell them, ‘Hey, keep your eyes opened, look straight ahead, do this do that.’ The device keeps talking to them, and we can actually leave them alone. We just start it, go do other stuff, and come back and check on them.”

Accessibility and Impact on Patient Outcomes

Dr. Kamkar says patients love how accessible the technology is. All tests can be run in a way that’s comfortable for patients, without putting strain on their head and neck from holding in a single, unnatural position. And as Dr. Kamkar has seen, patient comfort yields better outcomes.

He says that despite the fact that the HFA has been considered the gold standard in VF analysis for years, he found that essentially, he and his team frequently found themselves looking for a disease that wasn’t there because the unit had erroneously detected missed points in the patient’s visual field that weren’t actually there.

Among the Most User-Friendly Devices on the Market

The VF2000 makes visual fielding testing quick and easy for doctors, technicians, and office staff. Above all, it doesn’t require intensive training!

“I spend about five minutes explaining it to any new tech, and it really explains itself,” Dr. Kamkar said. “It’s so easy to train someone with it, and they just can’t make mistakes. As long as they know which program we’re asking for for that particular patient, they perform it, and it’s very reliable. It’s very easily trainable.”

Reliable Technology from a Company You Can Trust

Dr. Kamkar feels that VF2000 technology is superior to anything else on the market right now but made a point to mention that having a company who can be trusted to provide constant support is just as important as the quality of the products they sell.

“I really admire Micro Medical Devices,” Dr. Kamkar said. “It’s one of those companies that is just right. They gave me a tour of their facility and I see how they work, and it’s very impressive; they’re efficient, and they keep their prices low. They do a great job of developing products that work.”