The VF2000 Focus Virtual Reality Visual Field is an essential tool for the modern practitioner, solving the challenges of conventional VFA technology without compromising on the quality of results.

VF2000 visual field test device from Micro Medical Devices, Inc.

Change the Way You View Visual Field Testing in Your Practice

The solutions used in the modern eye care practice have to be flexible enough to meet an evolving set of needs. With patients demanding a more comfortable, convenient experience, doctors are looking for alternatives to old, bulky, “conventional” perimetry machines.

When you’re looking to invest in perimetry technology that helps you improve the way your practice runs, look to the first commercially available VR visual field device on the market: The VF2000 Focus, from Micro Medical Devices, Inc.

What Is the VF2000 Focus?

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Flexible & Efficient

Able to be easily used anywhere in your office or offsite, the VF2000 Focus allows you to maximize your practice space and improve patient flow.

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Comfortable for Patients

Compared to traditional perimeters that cause patients to strain their head and neck, the VF2000 Focus Visual Field machine can be used comfortably in a range of different positions.
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Safe and Easy to Clean

The VF2000 Focus VR Visual Field is easy to clean between patients and the use of disposable face shields prevents contact between the patient and the device.
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The VF2000 Focus is easy to operate for doctors, technicians, and office staff, and added features like gaze tracking increases the reliability of results.
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Affordable and Scalable

The low price of the VF2000 Focus Visual Field screener makes it easy to purchase as many as you need to complement existing technology or outfit a new office.
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ADA Compliant

Because of the accessibility of testing with the VF2000 Focus, practices may be able to get a 50% credit off the total cost of the technology!
The VF2000 Focus is a wearable perimetry device that allows you to run a full battery of visual field tests in a way that’s quicker, easier, and in-sync with practice efficiency and patient flow.
It enables you to maintain diagnostic accuracy while offering a more comfortable, convenient experience for your patients, giving you more freedom to use your practice space as you see fit.

The VF2000 Focus can perform a complete range of full threshold tests in addition to an array of screenings with a 120-degree field of view. It can also perform ptosis tests and screenings to detect progressive neurological disorder and can easily be integrated with the electronic health records already used in your practice.

The VF2000 Focus VR Visual Field and the HFA: “In Perfect Agreement”

When we started engineering the VF2000 Focus VR Visual Field analyzer, our goal was to develop a technology that overcomes obstacles involving space, efficiency, and patient flow — without sacrificing diagnostic integrity.

In prominent peer-reviewed studies, Micro Medical Devices’ visual field analyzer was compared head-to-head with the Humphrey HFA. With statistically significant accuracy, data from tests run on both were found to be comparable to each other. [1]

One study [2] found that results from the VF2000 Focus and the HFA were “in perfect agreement” with each other in detecting glaucoma!

Data results from VF2000 Focus visual field test from micro medical devices
Test results VF2000 visual field analyzer vs Humphrey HFA

The days of intimidating, cumbersome, automated perimetry equipment may be numbered! All our field plots compare astoundingly well with those from a standard Humphrey’s VFA. Above all, patients love this!

Dr. Zia Carrim, MD

We have been in need of a new paradigm for measuring and analyzing visual fields for a long time. The idea of a VR system, which could do away with the cumbersome equipment and could be linked to any analysis software was intriguing to me. It requires no dedicated space, has data available for custom analysis and is created out of components that are mass produced so that maintenance should be minimal. This is not to mention that the machine is available for a fraction of the cost of large dedicated units. The unit appears to be adaptable to a much wider variety of patient body shapes and sizes in comparison to the table top units. The ability to use our own computer and printer is a terrific advantage. In addition to the obvious physical advantages, the ability to update software almost instantly is intriguing and there is a minimal learning curve.

The VR unit certainly has physical and cost advantages over its predecessors. It should produce a new paradigm and allow us to more reliably determine the state of the patient’s health.

Dr. Alfred M. Solish, MD

Is the VF2000 Focus Right for You?

Case Studies: Three Types of Practices that Benefit from the VF2000

Practice A

Already has a Humphrey but wants to be more flexible and maximize their practice space. The VF2000 Focus lets them perform visual field testing on more patients without waiting to use the darkroom!

Practice B

Has the ability to perform visual field testing but wants to reclaim practice space and increase patient flow. Replacing existing technology with one or more VF2000 Focus devices enables them to add another exam lane and see more patients per day!

Practice C

Is a new practice owner, looking to grow and scale with budget-friendly technology. The VF2000 Focus is a great investment for starting a new practice or opening a new satellite office!
VF-2000 with tablet and casing

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