A Virtual Reality Visual Field Headset Analyzer for the Modern Practice

The VF2000 VR visual field test device is the essential tool for the modern practitioner, boosting efficiency and patient flow without compromising accuracy.

Change the Way You Think About Virtual Reality Visual Field Testing Devices

Introducing The VF2000, a virtual reality visual field test device from Micro Medical Devices. Harnessing the power of VR, the VF2000 brings cutting-edge technology into your practice without compromising the standard of accuracy and precision.

The VF2000 changed the game for doctors tired of using dedicated space in their practices for visual field analysis when it became the first tool of its kind on the market in 2018. Equipped with a full range of testing protocols, the VF2000 is the clear choice for practices looking to increase testing capability in their practice.

VF2000 VR Headset vs HFA Perimeter

Conventional visual field testing machines like the HFA have long been considered the gold standard, but modern trends have passed them by. They’re bulky, difficult to clean, and slow most practices down to a halt as patients wait to use limited darkroom space.

The VF2000 represents a new era in simple, comfortable vision testing. When we started engineering the VF2000 Focus visual field analyzer, our goal was to develop a technology that overcomes obstacles involving space, efficiency, and patient flow — without sacrificing diagnostic integrity.

In prominent peer-reviewed studies, Micro Medical Devices’ visual field analyzer was validated next to reports from the HFA. With statistically significant accuracy, data from tests run on both were found to be “in complete agreement.”

What Is the VF2000 VR Headset?

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Able to be easily packed up and transported, the VF2000 virtual reality headset allows you to free up space in your practice and improve patient flow.
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No more struggling to train your techs well enough to ensure reliable results! The VF2000 VR Visual Field Analyzer is easier to operate than any other VFA tool.
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VF2000 technology doesn’t need a WIFI connection to operate. You can use it anywhere without worrying about connectivity issues!

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The VF2000 visual field test analyzer pays for itself by enabling you to perform more tests — and see more patients — in less time.
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Unlike conventional equipment, the VF2000’s interface walks patients through the entirety of testing in multiple available languages.
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ADA Compliant vr headset

The Virtual Reality VF2000 can be used by more patients comfortably. You may be eligible for a 50% credit off the cost of the technology!

VF-2000 Focus virtual reality visual field headset from Micro Medical Devices

VF2000 Focus

The first commercially available VR Visual Field headset, the Legacy VF2000 Focus released as the only device of its kind to put reliable visual field technology into a cost-effective, portable package.
G2 Left Bright MMD

VF2000 G2

Our most versatile tool, VF2000 G2 features the latest internal optics, a vivid 4k display, our best-in-class visual field testing, and an available battery of visual screening tests.

VF-2000 headset

VF2000 NEO

With the addition of revolutionary Active Eye Tracking technology to the G2, the VF2000 NEO increases the accuracy and repeatability of the on-board vision testing capabilities!

A Wide Range of Advanced Testing Protocols Available in One Powerful Headset

The VF2000 VR visual field analyzer performs a complete range of full and fast thresholds tests in addition to an array of screenings with a 120-degree field of view. It can also perform ptosis tests and screenings to detect progressive neurological disorders and can easily be integrated with the electronic health records already used in your practice.

Available Tests Include:

  • Visual Field Test
  • Frequency Doubling (FDT)
  • Visual Acuity Test *
  • Contrast Sensitivity *
  • Stereopsis Test *
  • Ishihara Color Test *
  • D15 Color Test *
  • Threshold Sensitivity Color Test
  • Pupil Response Testing
  • Strabismus Testing
  • Vision Therapy Monitoring

* Included in the VF2000 Vision Screening module
Not all tests available on all VF2000 models

What real users are saying about the VIRTUAL REALITY Visual field test headset VF2000:

Recognizable Reports from the VF2000 VR Visual Field

The VF2000 is the industry leader in VR visual field testing, allowing practices to improve efficiency, practice volume, and patient satisfaction. As our technology advances, we are committed to expanding the capabilities of the VF2000 and continuing to drive innovation for our customers and their patients. With this goal in mind, we are also committed to ensuring that the data our devices generate are packaged in readable, familiar, and easily interpreted reports. For a sample of the types of reports the VF2000 generates, click through the carousel below.

Blind Spot Test by VR VF2000
Blind Spot Test Single Intensity by VR VF2000
MK VS Visual Acuity Test by Virtual Reality Headset VF2000 NEO
Pupilometer by Virtual Reality Headset VF2000
Advanced Color Test by Virtual Reality Headset VF2000
FDT Screening by Virtual Reality Headset VF2000 NEO
Strabismus Screening by Virtual Reality Headset VF2000 NEO
Vision Screening Test by VR VF2000 NEO

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