VF2000 VR Visual Field Device

the Industry’s Best Line of VR Visual Field Headsets

As the first device of its kind to hit the market, the VF2000 is the most widely trusted VR visual field for sale today. We’re extremely confident that one of our three available models will be a fit for your practice — but we don’t want you to just take our word for it. Scroll down to read the testimonies we’ve gathered from our customers over time.

Hear from Real VF2000 Users…

On ease of use:

“The fact that you have a controlled environment, and the lights can be on in the room and it won’t make a difference because you have that VR setup is fantastic. To me, these aspects make this machine revolutionary.”


NASHUA, NH , Biometry & NEO customer since 2005

“With techs there’s always turnover, but within a week our newest tech mastered the device. Traditionally technology takes a couple of months to master, but with this device, it is so much more automated and helpful — they can learn it so fast.”

Rajesh Khanna, MD

LOS ANGELES, CA, FOCUS & NEO customer since 2020


“Accessibility is self-evident. Anybody in a wheelchair or any kind of physical disability can easily perform this test. We don’t have to move them anywhere, and it just works perfectly for that.”

Babak Kamkar, OD

Glendale, CA, FOCUS & G2 customer since 2020

“I found the instrument to be particularly valuable in my patients that have significant visual field defects and resulting anxiety from doing perimetry in a dark room. These patients had improved reliability on their tests and also reduced anxiety about doing the test.”

Sara McIver, OD

Waterloo, ON, CA, NEO customer since 2022


“It’s extremely versatile. The purchase of this device can also allow for practice growth that’s part of the goals of that practice.”

Deepan Selvadurai, MD

Buffalo, NY, FOCUS & G2 customer since 2023

“Having a virtual reality visual field allows us to bring that difficult test that’s in only one room to utilize it in multiple rooms. So, from an efficiency and flow perspective, it helps a great deal.”

Paul Singh, MD

Kenosha, WI, FOCUS & NEO customer since 2019


“When you compare apples to apples, the VF2000 has the best reliability and the best people standing behind it — that’s the reason why I purchased it.”

Mark Perry, OD

Orlando FL, NEO customer since 2021

“Older devices we used before the VF2000 had a lot of false positives. We had to look for a disease that wasn’t there, because it detected a bunch of missed points. This is much more accurate, reliable, and repeatable.”

Babak Kamkar, OD

Glendale, CA, FOCUS & G2 customer since 2020


“The patients are so stressed [with conventional VF testing] that they’re clicking the button like crazy, or they want to take more breaks. The VF2000 just makes it much more comfortable for the patient.”

Donna Shotwell, OD

Sarasota, FL, FOCUS customer since 2019

“The high-tech aspect does add a lot in terms of credibility and getting patients excited to come in. I have about 60 doctors who refer to me and they know when they do that, they’re going to get the newest technology or something cutting-edge and it’s going to help their patients.”

Seema Nanda, OD

Houston, TX, FOCUS & NEO customer since 2020


“Multiple types of tests that can be done on this one instrument is great. I want to reduce the number of pieces of equipment that I have now — reduce our footprint while increasing the quality.”

Mark Perry, OD

Orlando, FL, NEO customer since 2021

“In LA, the real estate is so costly, so it’s been very helpful to get rid of the need for the extra room for one machine and save money in that way.”

Rajesh Khanna, MD

lOS ANGELES, CA, FOCUS & NEO customer since 2020


“I’m really quite happy with them. I’m looking forward to continuing working with them knowing that they’re always innovating and incorporating new technologies too.”

Joel Goldberg, OD

Spring Valley, NY, FOCUS customer since 2021

“I don’t want to knock the competition, but what other business can you get on the phone and usually within 20 minutes I’ll have or call back or I’ll have it on the line? It’s almost unheard of in our business.”

Greg Evans, OD

Rancho Mirage, CA, FOCUS & NEO customer since 2019

Reliable, Accurate Portable Biometry Solutions

The PalmScan all-in-one portable biometer can provide you with high-quality accurate data for pre-surgical measurements in the practice or in the field — using a device that fits in the palm of your hand. Doctors love that they can access the most reliable A Scan and B Scan readings as well as pachymetry and keratometry measurements using handheld, user-friendly equipment.

Hear from Real PalmScan Users:

“I would highly recommend the PalmScan for all ophthalmologists and optometrists who are looking for a compact, portable pachymeter and/or an A Scan ultrasound. It is highly accurate, easy to use, and extremely portable. It’s great since I can carry it with me to satellite offices and perform tests which I would normally have patients come to my main clinic for. And the best part — I feel extremely confident about the results I’m getting using the PalmScan.”

James Lee, MD

Biometry customer since 2005

“I am amazed by how accurate this device has been. I feel much more confident with my readings and I already see an improvement in post-op results. Capturing patient A Scan data has become much easier for me. Overall, the device is an incredible value and compares with any of the top-of-the-line A-Scan devices I tested before I purchased the PalmScan.”

Daniel J. Tepper, MD

Biometry customer since 2005

“Using the PalmScan was immediately impressive. The accuracy and the ease of use of the PalmScan surpasses all other units I have used in the past. Its portability makes it an asset when moving from patient to patient and room to room. Time is always of great value during any procedure and using the pachymeter function during LASIK surgery was fast and accurate. I am very pleased with my purchase of the PalmScan and the professional help I received from the Micro Medical team.”

John B. Lyon, MD

Biometry customer since 2005

“The Micro Medical Devices A Scan and Keratometer were easy to use, reliable, and gave us great IOL calculations for our cataract surgery. Most of the cataracts in this indigenous Guatemalan population were very white lenses, with no view of the posterior pole. Despite this, the A scan measurements were reproducible and quickly obtained. The Keratometer quickly gave us readings quickly, and fed into the patient file for IOL power calculations. I would highly recommend these devices, especially for their ease of use, reliability, and small size for easy transportation.”

Gilda Pieruzzi, MD

From 2019 Seeing Again Guatemala, Charitable Mission