The VF2000 Visual Field Headset: An All-in-One, Self-Guided Vision Testing Device

With 3 available models, 8 different testing modalities, and 4 applicable CPT Codes, you can easily select, customize, and scale a VR-powered VF2000 device to fit the needs of your practice and your patients.

VF2000 with Tablet

How Can Adopting VF2000 Technology Expand Your Capabilities?

When we first released the original VF2000 visual field headset — the first of its kind on the market — we created a best-in-class visual field-testing device that was more efficient, reliable, and accessible at a fraction of the price of conventional tools.

Today, that dependable quality remains, and now it’s paired with a range of other vision tests that make it easier to generate more insight about your patients’ vision faster.

Micro Medical Devices VF2000 with Tablet

Practical, Customizable, Vision Testing

Every practice and every practitioner is different from the next. Each has different demands from the instruments they use, and as a company dedicated to creating solutions to make the modern doctor more flexible and efficient, we challenged ourselves to develop tools that fit.

As a result, each of our VF2000 devices perform all the industry standard, reliable visual field testing while being more accessible and convenient than the old standard HFA, plus, a growing number of advanced vision tests can be added to 2 of the 3 models, helping you gather more information about your patients’ vision more efficiently than ever before.

In addition, each device was designed with your practice needs in mind. Operation is intuitive and user-friendly, making the process of training technicians quick and easy. The VF2000 models’ portable design means you can fit them into your practice no matter the available space and in terms of efficiency, what would it mean to your practice and your revenue if you could fit just one extra patient in a day? What does that impact look like in a week, a month, a year?

Micro Medical Devices VF2000 with Tablet
Visual Field Icon

Visual Field

All 3 devices come equipped with more than 20, threshold, static and kinetic visual field protocols plus neuro testing, ptosis testing, and the Esterman binocular test.

CPT Codes: 92081, 92082, 92083

Frequency Doubling Icon

Frequency Doubling (FDT)

FDT perimetry tools enable doctors to assess visual field loss due to glaucoma earlier and with superior accuracy compared to other testing protocols. Available on all 3 models.

CPT Code: 92081

Visual Acuity Icon

Visual Acuity

Every eye exam includes an assessment of visual acuity. With the VF2000 G2 and NEO, you can enable a self-guided VA assessment as part of a battery of vision screenings, saving time and space in the exam lane.

Color Testing Icon

Color Testing

Detect and diagnose color vision deficiencies using automated Ishihara and D15 color vision testing available on the VF2000 G2 and NEO models.

CPT Code: 92283

Stereopsis Icon


The assessment of depth perception and binocular vision function can be critical in detecting issues with the alignment of the eyes. This screening can be added to the array of options on the G2 and NEO models to provide another dimension to your exam lane capabilities.

Contrast Sensitivity Icon

Contrast Sensitivity

The G2 and NEO can be equipped with an automated assessment of a patient’s visual sensitivity to contrast. Adding this to your selection of vision screenings will expand your ability to detect and address changes in macular health earlier.

Complex Color Testing Icon

Complex Color Testing

Assess for a variety of conditions using an advanced analysis of color vision function and detecting subtle changes missed by other methods, available on the G2 and NEO.

CPT Code: 92283

Pupillometry Icon


Checking pupils for APDs is recommended as a standard step in any comprehensive eye exam as well as emergency medicine and critical care. The pupillometry screening, available on the NEO, offers a faster and more objective alternative to the conventional “swinging flashlight” test.

Mark Perry, OD, Orlando, FL

“Not many devices can do the number of different things that this one does.”

Babak Kamkar, OD, Glendale, CA

“We don’t need to say anything during the testing. The device keeps talking to them, and we can actually leave them alone. We just start it, go do other stuff, and come back and check on them.”

Inder Paul Singh, MD, Racine, WI

“There’s a number of functionalities in this new device, in addition to visual field testing, that can help a lot. It’s taking visual field testing to a new level.”
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