Elevate your practice with versatile and high-quality posterior segment imaging with any USB-enabled PC.

Portable B-Scan by Micro Medical Devices
Eye doctor using the mobile B-scan on patient to evaluate posterior segment pathology

Why Do You Need a B-Scan?

A B-Scan seamlessly delivers a two-dimensional ultrasound reading of the structures in the eye’s posterior segment. This ultrasound can be used to evaluate posterior segment pathology like a retinal detachment when the ocular media is cloudy, due to a cataract or other obstruction, and you are unable to directly visualize it on a fundus exam.

Portable B-Scan by Micro Medical Devices

The B-scan by Micro Medical Devices is designed for mobility, image quality, and equipment compatibility.

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System Compatibility

B-Scan is compatible with any standard PC as well as the PalmScan Pro.
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Zoom Capability

Easy zoom capability to view intraocular details of B-Scan generated images.
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Ease of Saving Data

Images or video files can be easily printed from or stored on a computer.

Pulse power icon

Pulse Power

Pulse frequency of 12/15 MHz for 3-10 centimeters of penetration.

Enhanced resolution Icon

Enhanced Resolution

Over 2000 samples are taken per line for industry-leading resolution.
Ease of measurement icon

Ease of Measurement

Dual calipers enable easy measurement of ocular structures, and the A-Mode Display view allows for a full, reliable report.

“Very clever and very accurate!

It does it all with a vector analysis feature, a surgeon adjustable nomogram and a very clever LaPlace calculation that takes into account corneal rigidity based on IOP. The only down side is that you have to have a blade with a micrometer adjustment for depth. Our results so far have been outstanding.”

Warren E. Hill, MD, FACS Mesa, AZ

Why Our Portable B-Scan Probe?

Our B-Scan is flexible, mobile, and easily enables any PC to become a B-Scan device wherever you are! This portable device can be used on its own or as part of a complete biometry solution when paired with our other portable probes. With over 2000 sample points per line and a penetration depth of 3 to 10 cm, you will have high resolution, precise images of the retina and any pathology that could affect surgical outcomes. Images can be easily stored or printed for clinical use.

Mobile bscan high resolution image of retina and pathology at Micro Medical Devices

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