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Micro Medical Devices, Inc. VF2000

Why Do You Need a B-Scan?

A B-Scan seamlessly delivers a two-dimensional ultrasound reading of the structures in the eye’s posterior segment. This ultrasound can be used to evaluate posterior segment pathology like a retinal detachment when the ocular media is cloudy, due to a cataract or other obstruction, and you are unable to directly visualize it on a fundus exam.

Portable B-Scan by Micro Medical Devices

The B-scan by Micro Medical Devices is designed for mobility, image quality, and equipment compatibility.

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System Compatibility

B-Scan is compatible with any standard PC as well as the PalmScan Pro.
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Zoom Capability

Easy zoom capability to view intraocular details of B-Scan generated images.
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Ease of Saving Data

Images or video files can be easily printed from or stored on a computer.

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Pulse Power

Pulse frequency of 12/15 MHz for 3-10 centimeters of penetration.

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Enhanced Resolution

Over 2000 samples are taken per line for industry-leading resolution.
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Ease of Measurement

Dual calipers enable easy measurement of ocular structures .

The days of intimidating, cumbersome, automated perimetry equipment may be numbered! All our field plots compare astoundingly well with those from a standard Humphrey’s VFA. Above all, patients love this!

Dr. Zia Carrim, MD

We have been in need of a new paradigm for measuring and analyzing visual fields for a long time. The idea of a VR system, which could do away with the cumbersome equipment and could be linked to any analysis software was intriguing to me. It requires no dedicated space, has data available for custom analysis and is created out of components that are mass produced so that maintenance should be minimal. This is not to mention that the machine is available for a fraction of the cost of large dedicated units. The unit appears to be adaptable to a much wider variety of patient body shapes and sizes in comparison to the table top units. The ability to use our own computer and printer is a terrific advantage. In addition to the obvious physical advantages, the ability to update software almost instantly is intriguing and there is a minimal learning curve.

The VR unit certainly has physical and cost advantages over its predecessors. It should produce a new paradigm and allow us to more reliably determine the state of the patient’s health.

Dr. Alfred M. Solish, MD

Why Our Portable B-Scan Probe?

Our B-Scan is flexible, mobile, and easily enables any PC to become a B-Scan device wherever you are! This portable device can be used on its own or as part of a complete biometry solution when paired with our other portable probes. With over 2000 sample points per line and a penetration depth of 3 to 10 cm, you will have high resolution, precise images of the retina and any pathology that could affect surgical outcomes. Images can be easily stored or printed for clinical use.

Micro Medical Devices VF2000

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