A True Peak Detecting Pachymeter

When microns matter, PalmScan Delivers

The PalmScan P2000 is an essential tool for corneal pachymetry. It gives the user the ability to quickly and accurately measure any location on the cornea. Unlike other pachymeters in the market today, PalmScan allows the user to verify the accuracy of measurements by displaying the measured echogram of the cornea and allowing cursors to confirm the measurement.

Using the predefined central and peripheral patterns, PalmScan gives very fast measurements of multiple locations on the cornea, thereby creating a documented corneal depth map which is very important for Lasik and LRI procedures.

The results can then be displayed, stored, and recalled on the device. The P2000 pachymeter prevents inaccurate surgical incisions that could cause corneal perforations, or ectasia, and is ideal for accurate corneal readings to aid in corneal cross-linking for treatment of Keratoconus and glaucoma detection in addition to Lasik and LRI surgeries.

The PalmScan P2000 pachymeter comes with a choice of packages depending on what the user wants to achieve with the P2000.

  • LRI Nomogram package is an “Age, Pachymetry, and IOP” adjusted LRI calculator. The LRI package can accurately measure the intra ocular pressure of any eye and is tailored for the correction of astigmatism with its built-in vector analysis software. With this feature, the P2000 can produce a nomogram for surgeries and can take into account the induced astigmatism caused by cataract incisions.
  • Femtosecond Laser Flap package gives surgeons the ability to measure corneal flaps prior to the lift in Lasik surgery, moving away from subtraction pachymetry. This option makes it possible to measure flaps cut with a femtosecond laser machine with extreme precision.
  • DSAEK package can measure ultra-thin planar corneal lameller grafts for DSAEK procedures. It is accurate and reliable at measuring the full thickness and ultra-thin grafts that are vital steps for successful corneal harvesting procedures.

Features of PalmScan P2000 Pachymeter:

  • A New Level of Accuracy

    PalmScan’s 264 MHz Sampling frequency is about 5 times faster than the competition, resulting in 3um accuracy and superior results.

  • Patient Database and archiving

    Store records for unlimited number of patients and archive those you no longer need.

  • IOP Adjust software

    Easily adjust IOP based on corneal thickness with a user configurable equation.

  • Corneal Map Display with Programmed Capture Patterns

    Store measurements for multiple (17) locations on the cornea. Central and peripheral pre-programmed capture patterns allow you to measure multiple locations in just a few seconds.

  • Corneal Waveform

    The only pachymeter capable of capturing, storing and displaying corneal waveforms (A-Scan of the cornea).

  • Corneal Measurements

    Guaranteed fast and easy central, peripheral, thin flap and Dry bed measurements.

  • 50MHz Probe

    Highest available probe frequency of 50 MHz can be used to measure at any corneal location. This probe is also capable of measuring the thicknesses of unhealthy corneas.

  • USB & PDF Print

    Print pachymetry reports directly to a USB printer or to a PDF file for later printing.

  • Upgradeable to A-Scan

Optional Packages Available for PalmScan P2000 Pachymeter:
Improve results of your LRI procedures. An essential tool for success with premium IOL implants. Includes 50MHz pachymeter probe and LRI nomogram software.
Allows you to take measurements on sub 100 micron planar corneal lamellar grafts for DSAEK procedures.
Directly measure the femtosecond laser flap prior to the lift.
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