Visual Field Analyzer – PalmScan VF2000-FDT

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Test Included:

  • N30 Full Threshold FDT
  • N30-1 FDT Screening
  • N30-5 FDT Screening
  • C20-1 FDT Screening
  • C20-5 FDT Screening


The test is done on each eye independently, eliminating a need for an eye patch.

MD Progression Analysis

The automated Statistical Trend analysis will automatically assess the progression of Full Threshold field defects on every threshold test report.

Accessible Anywhere

MMD’s HIPPA compliant secure web portal gives your team immediate access to all of your patient’s reports.

Integrated With EHR

Easily download your PDF or DICOM compatible reports.

Fully Sanitizable

The entire system can be disinfected with alcohol cleaning pads. The ability to disinfect along with the use of sanitary facemasks and hair caps allows for worry-free use during the COVID-19 crisis.

Includes VR Headset, Clicker and Charger Easy To Use
Disposable Sanitary Facemasks Expand Your Business Risk-Free
Carrying Case Enables Fast Patient Screening
Ships within 2 business weeks!
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I bill Insurance?
Yes, VF2000-Go can be used to bill for FDT tests.
Is your device supported by research?
An independent 166 eye study has shown the VF2000 to be in perfect agreement with HFA in the prediction of Glaucoma. Contact us for details.
What is your regulatory status?
MMD has been a registered establishment with the FDA since 2004. VF2000-Go Visual Field SYstem is a Class I medical device and is registered and listed with the FDA. We follow all applicable regulatory requirements.
How is the device cleaned?
Each headset comes with a pack of sanitary pads that are worn under the headset. We also recommend cleaning the headset with alcohol wipes between each use.
Is an eye patch required?
No, stimuli are only presented to one eye at a time while the fellow eye is automatically blocked, so no eye patch is required.
How do I correct for refractive errors?
Two trial lens adapters are included in each headset for vision correction using spherical equivalents.
Is your device available in my country?
The VF2000-Go system is available in the USA and some other countries. Please contact us to check the availability in your specific region.
What is the Interactive fast Threshold strategy?
Interactive Fast Threshold is our proprietary thresholding strategy that decreases the total testing time. The 24-2 test can be performed in under two and a half minutes using this strategy on a healthy eye.