Training is Now Available for PalmScan Products

MMD provides training for PalmScan through three methods:

  1. Online training videos that can be found in our ‘Support’ section under ‘PalmScan Training Video’.
  2. User Guide CD with training videos are shipped with every PalmScan device.
  3. Online interactive training.

Most of your questions should be addressed in the videos that are provided online and through the User Guide CD. However, if you need further assistance, MMD can provide customers with online interactive training. This option allows us to train you from the comfort of your own home or office. Our goal is to provide a fast and convenient way to learn how to operate the PalmScan device. We also offer monthly biometry training sessions where proper techniques are demonstrated by our medical director (Dr. Rafi Israel).

To schedule an interactive training session, please contact us to set an appointment.

Session duration is approximately one hour.