“My first impression of the PalmScan AP2000 was that it was accurate and easy to use. The portability is a key feature. And the high resolution readings and graphic interface was something not found on many units bulkier and costing much more. The feedback from my technicians using it has been extremely positive.”

Joseph Gravlee, MD (Ophthalmologist)

“In the hand of my technicians this proved to be both an accurate and easy to use a-scan device. It is highly portable. The color rating of the quality of each scan is a nice feature. In office maintenance contracts are certainly unnecessary. The open access DB will probably prove to be valuable in years to come.

On the negative side, my presbyopia made it hard to see the actual spikes while I had my readers on doing immersion scans myself. This was no problem for my younger techs.

Of courser the pachymeter was right on and very easy to use. Congratulations on a nice product.”

Lloyd Taustine, MD

“The most accurate device out there and very cost effective is the PalmScan.”

Sheraz M Daya (MD FACP FACS FRCS(Ed))

“This is an excellent machine that helped me the most to switch from monofocal to multifocal IOLs. The accuracy of the measurements and the reproducibility are excellent.

George Maskaleris, MD