“I had the opportunity to use the PalmScan when training ophthalmic technicians at a recent meeting. The PalmScan is a well designed device that performs up to the manufacturer’s claims. Set up for immersion biometry was simple and took less than a minute even without having previously used the device.The immersion features worked
flawlessly, producing consistent rapid results. I found the software to be intuitive and stable. While the PalmScan has numerous options to accommodate any variation of ocular characteristics, they are not intrusive into the routine use of the device. I would recommend the PalmScan to any one considering a new A-Scan biometry unit. The fact that it is portable and optionally performs pachymetry is an added bonus.”

Ajay Sanan, MD Phoenix, AZ (Ophthalmologist)

“I am amazed by how accurate this device has been. I feel much more comfortable with my readings and I already see an improvement in my post op results. Capturing patient AScan data has become much easier for me. Overall, the device is an incredible value and compares with any of the top of-the-line A-scanners I tested before I purchased the PalmScan AP2000”

Daniel J. Tepper, MD Chicago, IL (Ophthalmologist)

“Using the PalmScan AP2000 was immediately impressive. The accuracy and ease of use of the AP2000 surpasses all other units I have used in the past. Its portability makes it an asset when moving from patient to patient and room to room.

Time is always of great value during any procedure and using the Pachymeter function during Lasik Surgery was fast and accurate.I am very pleased with my purchase of the PalmScan AP2000 and the professional help I received from the Micro Medical Devices Staff.”

John B Lyon, MD (Ophthalmologist)

“I would highly recommend the PalmScan for all ophthalmologists and optometrists who are looking for a compact, portable pachymeter and or an A scan ultrasound. It is highly accurate, easy to use, and extremely portable. It’s great since I can carry it with me to satellite offices and perform tests which I would normally have patients come to my main clinic for. And the best part is I feel extremely confident about the results I am getting using the PalmScan. (Dr. Lee has personally compared PalmScan results to the IOL-Master)

James Lee, MD (Ophthalmologist)

“Comparing the PalmScan to the Sonogage and Orbscan, in addition to it being very versatile, it is reliable and accurate.

Using it for the past month I like the fact that the tip of the PalmScan is more pointy and visible compared to the Sonagage’s wider tip and therefore more exact as to the placement of the tip to the center of the cornea.

Working in a high volume refractive surgery environment, I wanted a device that is durable, reliable and can be placed next to the laser without it being a hindrance.”

F. Tinoosh, M.D. (Refractive Surgeon)