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As the pace of technology dictates more and more success in the retinal treatment profession, do you want to be left behind? Of course not!

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Four Secrets For Building A Smarter, More Profitable Retinal Treatment Practice!
In this document you can find the answers to four important questions that will help you setup a smarter, more profile eye care practice.

How to increase your revenue stream using retinal imaging reimbursements?
Ultrasonic B-Scan imaging has proven its merit and many uses in ophthalmology. Whether you have a dense cataract that prevents you from examining the retina or vitreous hemorrhage obscuring a retinal detachment, the need for a good, accurate and high quality B-Scan cannot be under stated.

Micro Medical Devices Inc. (MMD), is here to offer you with an efficient and effective solution to getting the success you want. Our USB based Mobile B-Scan has a very small foot print and can be used in any setting to bring you closer to the success you deserve.

Ultrasonic imaging of the retina has one of the highest reimbursements by insurance companies. You can increase your revenue and income by performing Ultrasonic imaging on all patients that meet the requirements which include:

Retinal lesions
Retinal Tumors
Dense Cataract
Vitreous hemorrhage
Retinal Detachment and monitoring
etc …
Unlike other tests that can only be reimbursed only once per patient, Ultrasonic B-Scan tests can be performed multiple times at physician’s discretion.

How to cut costs by using a single machine, rather than several which can be shared between two offices?
MMD’S Mobile B-Scan gives the physician the advantage of portability. Hence, not only he can examine any patients at any location, but it also alleviates the need of buying multiple devices for multiple offices. Thereby, lowering the cost basis and improving the break-even time.

We all know the cost of bringing a new patient to the practice is much higher than bringing an established patient back. This is why eye care centers need to cut their costs by using a single machine which can be shared between two offices. This simple solution can cut your costs by as much as half and lead to a significant amount of profit.

How to increase the ease of use and efficiency of your retinal imaging techniques?
The Mobile B-Scan is extremely easy to use and can be operated by anyone after a short training. The system can easily generate detailed patient examination reports in PDF format which can be printed or stored by the user. The system includes a patient database which simplifies locating of the patient reports.

The B-Scan system is very versatile and can be upgraded to include

PalmScan A2000 A-Scan + IOL Calculator

PalmScan P2000 Pachymeter

PalmScan K2000 Keratometer

How the mobility and ease of use of the latest equipment can improve efficiency and revenue in your business… all at a surprisingly low price.
Mobility and ease of use combine to improve efficiency of your practice which in turn will increase your revenues. Mobility allows for you to bring the device to the patient rather than the other way around which many times creates a game of musical chairs in your practice where you are waiting for one patient to complete his or her exam to leave a lane in order for the next patient to be able to use the test equipment. Bringing the device to the patient allows you to take your readings without moving the patient which is more efficient and will save you and your staff time.

Ease of use minimizes the time required for training to become efficient in the use of an equipment. It also minimizes user errors and leads to more efficient patient flow. Technologies such as wireless file transfer and Bluetooth printing help streamline the step intensive steps of your practice so your patient’s visits can more efficient and faster.

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