Quality Medical Devices

We Offer Top Quality Optometry and Ophthalmic Equipment at Affordable Prices!Micro Medical Devices, Inc. (MMD) is the leading manufacturer of innovative, hand-held, battery operated ophthalmic medical devices which are used primarily by health care professionals in the fields of Optometry and Ophthalmology. The devices we have are both efficient in their diagnosis and comfortable for the patient. As a leader in a full range of innovative products, we allow doctors and medical experts to carry out their duties both safely and effectively while they cater to the needs of their patients worldwide. We are committed to developing devices which make the jobs of ophthalmologists and eye care professionals easier, and we do this through continuous product innovation, customized management and exceptional customer support. We offer high-value diagnostic solutions to the global healthcare community. Our mission is simple. To improve the lifestyle of patients by lowering costs of healthcare and making cutting edge technology easily accessible to those who need it the most. Our Product line includes A-Scan Biometer, World-class surgical Pachymeter, Mobile USB B-Scan, Keratometer and Tonometer. We are an ISO 13485 Certified company and follow Good Manufacturing Procedures (GMP) to ensure the quality of our devices. Our portable devices offer timely measurements and information which supports medical workers in achieving the precision which is needed to make the right choices in difficult situations. We invite all those who are interested in making a change by experiencing the power of our portable solution to contact us for additional information.