PalmScan Pro

The industry’s best portable all-in-one ultrasound biometer can be customized, transported, and used anywhere you need it.

PalmScan Pro handheld biometry device from Micro Medical Devices
PalmScan Pro portable ultrasound biometer
PalmScan Pro is our most versatile and adaptable solution to perform critical ophthalmic measurements from anywhere in the world. Available for our full suite of biometry tools, this handheld biometer can run and record a range of measurements in minutes, carry out precise calculations, and package data to fit your needs. This, plus the unmatched portability and ease of use, makes PalmScan Pro the ideal all-purpose tool for the modern practitioner.

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Universal Compatibility

Equipped with both auxiliary and USB inputs, the PalmScan Pro is compatible with A Scan, B Scan, Pachymeter, and Keratometer probes.

A Scan

Measure the axial length, lens thickness and anterior chamber depth of the eye from back to front, customize surgery, choose the optimal IOLs prior to lens replacement, and guide the management of severe myopia with the A Scan probe.

B Scan

Produce an accurate image of the posterior segment with the B Scan probe. Identify dysfunctions of the vitreous and retina, detect aberrations, and improve outcomes from surgery.


Use the Pachymeter in pre-surgical workup for cataract and refractive patients, assess Keratoconus, and add precision to a critical part of the exam for glaucoma-suspect patients. Use the peripheral corneal measurement capabilities of this probe to accurately measure the cornea for Limbal Relaxing Incisions (LRIs) that can dramatically alleviate patients’ astigmatism. Use our LRI calculator to help you plan these LRI procedures.


Measure corneal curvature, assess contact lens fit, analyze the degree of Keratoconus, and determine necessary focal power in a replacement lens with the Keratometer probe.

Micro Medical Devces PalmScan Pro handheld biometer

Portable Biometer by Micro Medical Devices

The PalmScan Pro handheld biometry device is designed for mobility, range, and dependable operation anywhere your work takes you.

Wi-Fi signal

No Need for WIFI

PalmScan Pro produces reports on the spot without an internet connection

built-in iol calculator icon

Built-in IOL Calculator

Automate complex measurements and choose the optimal lens

versitile and flexible icon

Versatile and Flexible

Take measurements for surgery or detect a range of eye diseases with one device

battery icon

Portable and Battery-Operated

The sleek, handheld PalmScan Pro goes anywhere with a reliable battery

easy interchangeable icon

Easily Interchangeable

Quickly switch between equipped probes within only a few steps

view and export reports icon

View and Export Reports

View reports live during use or export to interpret from anywhere

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