Palmscan Pachymeter With Femtosec Package

Direct Measurement of Femtosecond Laser Corneal Flaps

Direct measurement of corneal flaps during Lasik surgery, without the need for subtraction pachymetry, has been a highly desired feature for refractive surgeons. Until today, many surgeons calculate the thickness of the flap with the use of subtraction pachymetry technique which is not very accurate and requires a secondary measurement from the corneal stroma. But it is the ability to accurately measure corneal flaps prior to the lift that provides surgeons with truly valuable information at a time that is most crucial – before the lift.

Direct flap measurement becomes even more important as the industry moves towards the Sub-Bowman Keratomileusis , or SBK. With the thinner flaps the margin for error becomes even smaller and the need for precise measurements even more critical.

PalmScan P2000 and AP2000 pachymeters, with the FS Flap option, are now capable of measuring flaps cut with a femtosecond laser machine with extreme precision (3 micron accuracy). The flap measurements are made off of the bubble layer generated by the femtosecond laser cut.

Advantages of Direct FS Flap Measurement:

  1. Measuring flaps prior to the lift ensures that
    1. Integrity of the flap will not become compromised during the lift due to thinner than expected flaps.
    2. You may decide not to lift the flap if it is thicker than expected and it does not provide you with sufficient stromal bed.
  2. Eliminate errors associated with subtraction pachymetry
    1. Differences in pre and post op location and orientation of the probe induce measurement errors
  3. Reduce chances of corneal infections by eliminating the need for contact between the pachymeter probe and the corneal bed.
  4. Ensure that the femtosecond machine you are using is cutting within its calibration limits.

Features of PalmScan P2000 w/ Femtosecond Package:

PalmScan P2000 Capabilities
All the features of the PalmScan AP2000 or P2000 Pachymeter.
Femtosecond Package
Directly measure the femtosecond laser flap prior to lift.


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