Palmscan A2000 a Scan IOL Calculator 2

A Significant Breakthrough in Immersion A-Scan Biometry!

The new PalmScan A2000 Ophthalmic A-Scan Biometer is a unique handheld, battery operated ultrasonic device which is capable of performing both applanation as well as immersion A-scan biometry with amazing precision. It is able to carry out all functions quickly, with extreme accuracy and at practically any location.

Thanks to the new A2000, time is no longer going to be a factor that limits the progress of accurate diagnosis and on-time treatment. With the PalmScan A2000 A-Scan, the correct scan can be carried out in a matter of seconds, giving doctors and healthcare professionals quick and accurate data, and leaving the patient without a mess or feeling of discomfort.

The combination of new A2000 Tablet A-Scan biometer and the innovative E-Z Tip Immersion Shells makes it possible for doctors to obtain accurate immersion readings without having to recline their patients or use multiple tools at the same time. Through the use of ultrasonic waves the A2000 can quickly measure the Axial Length, Lens Thickness and Anterior Chamber Depth in order to calculate the power of the required IOL (intraocular lens) implant for a patient before surgery.

PalmScan’s battery operated ultrasonic technology allows for measurements of even the densest cataract eyes, any where you are, giving you 100% patient coverage every time.

Another feature of the A2000 is the Contact/Applanation mode where the PalmScan utilizes our proven “Corneal Compression Detection” technique, which warns the user of any corneal compression, and consequently prevents the user from taking inaccurate measurements.

Ophthalmic biometry has been made easy with the convenience and power of the PalmScan A2000, assuring a smooth and successful surgery for both, the patient and the doctor.

Integrate the PalmScan A2000 with PalmScan handheld USB Keratometer for your full biometry solution.

Features of the PalmScan A2000 Tablet A-Scan;

  • Built-In IOL calculator with advance formulas.
  • Unlimited storage of patient data.
  • Post Lasik correction of keratometry.
  • Perform immersion without having to recline your patient.
  • Generates comprehensive PDF reports.
  • Wifi and USB Printing.
  • EMR compatible.
  • Dense Cataract Penetration.
  • Contact and immersion captures.
  • Corneal Compression Detect software.
  • Compatible with traditional hard immersion shells.
  • Compatible with PalmScan K2000 Keratometer.
  • Compatible with EZ-Tip Immersion soft shell for easiest and cleanest immersion biometry.
  • Clinically proven to be as accurate as laser interferometry.
  • 10 MHz probe with fixation light.

Additional Optical Features Include;

  • Toric calculator for vector analysis to determine the axis of implanted Toric lens.
  • LRI calculator for vector analysis to determine the location, depth and axis of LRI incisions.


Package includes;

  • PalmScan A2000 A-Scan (includes Tablet).
  • Charging Adapter.
  • A-Scan Probe.
  • A-Scan Test Block.
  • USB Cable.
  • Small Tablet Stand.
  • Hard Carry Case.

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