Mobile Ophthalmic B-Scan

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A-Mode vector display with gain and vector selection tools

The Mobile B-Scan is MMD’s portable and extremely versatile ultrasound device. This device turns any PC into a B-Scan device, capable of high resolution imaging.

The B-Scan is easy to use with custom settings for multiple applications and a patient database with virtually unlimited size. Since this same probe can travel with you and be used on multiple PCs, it is convenient to operate no matter where you are.

The Mobile B-Scan is not only convenient but efficient and accurate with high resolution imaging that give over 2000 sample points per line. The device also has adjustable pulse power that improves its penetration capabilities. With a pulse frequency of 12MHz/15MHz it has a 3 to 10 cm penetration depth and with its dual calipers you can easily measure the structure within the eye.

Printing and capturing images of the eye have never been easier. Simply print captured images to your existing office printer or store movies or JPEG images right to your PC’s hard derive. Adjustable size cine buffers with a maximum of 512 buffers ensure that you always capture your best images.


  • Easy to Use
  • Custom settings for multiple applications.
  • Patient Database
  • Virtually unlimited in size depending on PC memory capacity.
  • Adjustable Pulse Power
  • Improves ultrasonic penetration capability.
  • High Resolution Imaging
  • Over 2000 samples per line.
  • Dual Calipers
  • Easily measure structures within the eye.
  • Printing Capability
  • Simply print captured images to your existing office printer. MS Word templates for quick report generation.
  • Single Frame and Cine Modes
  • Save movies or JPG images with adjustable size cine buffers.
  • Zoom Capability
  • Directly zoom in to the structures within the eye.
  • Pulse Frequency 12/15 MHz
  • 3-10 cm penetration depth.

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