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PalmScan K2000 USB Auto-Keratometer


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PalmScan K2000 Auto-Keratometer


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 Introducing the World's First Handheld USB Auto-Keratometer

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PalmScan K2000 is a USB Auto-Keratometer device offered by MMD. This innovative device is an indispensable tool for eye-care professionals for measurement of the corneal curvature and power for use in Cataract lens power calculations. This system quickly measures the corneal radius of curvature (Avg R, R1, R2), corneal power (Avg K, K1, and K2), and steep and flat axis of the cornea. It is a perfect complement to the PalmScan A2000 A-Scan device for measurement of patient biometry prior to cataract surgery. This handheld device connects directly to a Windows PC, laptop, or tablet using a standard USB connector and allows for the measurement of corneal curvature and power at the central 3 mm zone. The captured results are extremely accurate and are automatically integrated with the A2000 A-Scan device for quick IOL calculations and Lens selection. Each capture includes an image of the cornea which the user can utilize to minimize chances of errors. The Adjustable capture threshold ensures the device is capable of scanning all types of eyes. This device can also be purchased as a part of the PalmScan AK2000 PRO A-Scan and Keratometer system or along with the PalmScan A2000 USB A-Scan. The combination of PalmScan A-Scan platform and USB keratometer delivers all the information you will need to perform successful cataract surgery at a fraction of the cost of expensive optical systems without any limitations. As you know, optical biometry systems have a limitation of not working properly on eyes with mature cataract lenses.  Not only PalmScan system does not have this limitation, but it is also portable and can be used in almost any setting to enable you to perform your task with the highest quality outcomes.

The Portability of The K2000 system allows for it to be used in almost any location including the operating room which makes it an indispensable tool for the treatment of pediatric and wheelchair-bound patients. Due to its unique application for disabled patients, it qualifies for the 50% ADA Tax Credit (USA only).

PalmScan K2000 Keratometer in Use

Features of PalmScan K2000 Keratometer:

These are some of the unique features of the all-new PalmScan K2000 Auto-Keratometer;

  • Fast measurements
  • Adjustable capture threshold
  • 16 Point Keratometry with 3-mm optical zone
  • Built-in fixation light
  • Extremely light hand piece – weighs only 5 ounces (140 grams)
  • Patient database
  • WiFi & Bluetooth printing capabilities
  • PDF Print & EMR exportability
  • Displays and stores captured images to minimize errors
  • Interfaces with PalmScan USB A-Scan for easy IOL calculations

Benefits of PalmScan K2000 Keratometer:

The following are some of the many benefits of using the world’s first USB auto-Keratometer.

  • Steep and Flat corneal power in Diopters (K1, K2, Avg K)
  • Steep and Flat Radius of Curvature in millimeters (R1, R2, Avg R)
  • Can be taken into the operating room
  • Great for pediatrics & veterinarian use
  • Steep and Flat axis in degrees
  • Total Astigmatism
  • Standard Deviation with each capture
  • If used in conjunction with PalmScan A2000 Tablet A-Scan, it transfers the results automatically to the IOL calculator.