The handheld, portable ophthalmic ultrasound needed to take precise axial length measurements and access the densest of cataracts.

a-scan pachymeter from micro medical devices
patient and doctor using a-scan from micro medical devices

Why Do You Need an A-Scan?

With the A-Scan attachment from Micro Medical Devices, axial length can now be measured from a device that sits in the palm of your hand! An A-scan makes preparation for cataract surgery much easier than ever before by enabling precise measurement of the eye’s length for calculating refractive power and choosing the perfect IOL to implant during cataract surgery. Our A-Scan probe can also be used to measure the Axial Length of the eye for Myopia control.

Why Our A-Scan?

As a portable, multimodal tool, the MMD A-Scan probe is flexible and easy to transport, making it ideal for doctors traveling between offices, on mission trips, or in nursing facilities and hospitals. Our device has been proven as clinically accurate as a laser interferometer and can penetrate a dense or opaque cataract. It works in both applanation and immersion modes, integrates into a range of different systems, and is compatible with our convenient, disposable EZ Tips!

For Cataract Surgery

The ability to accurate measure axial length is critical to the calculations needed to select an IOL that maximizes visual outcomes after cataract surgery. It helps assess refractive power in pre-surgical workups and helps you reduce unhappy post-operate patients.

For Myopia Management

Proper assessment of childhood myopia depends on the ability to produce reliable, repeatable axial length measurements. Because refractive error caused by myopia doesn’t always correlate directly with the rate of axial elongation, the A-Scan can help guide treatment decisions for myopia.

Doctor using a-scan attachment on potential cataract patient at micro medical devices
“I have used the PalmScan A-Scan for 6 or 7 years for a mission trip to the Caribbean to do cataract surgery ( and I appreciate the ability to borrow it). Several years ago the unit was upgraded and worked even better and was much easier to use for IOL calculations. This year I decided to buy the unit since I am going on two different trips. I was surprised to see another upgrade, but what I thought was a great machine was even better. The quickness and accuracy of the measurements are amazing. Compared with what we use in our clinic (I work for a large system and have little say in purchasing) this is cheaper, easier to use, and more portable. I would recommend this to any and every cataract surgeon.”

Dr. Mick Vanden Bosch, MD

“I used the PalmScan for Axial length measurement and IOL calculation in the humid weather of Santo Tomas, Guatemala on a medical mission trip on patients ranging from a 9-year-old boy to a 92-year-old woman with a dense white light perception cataract. There was a fantastic measurement agreement between physician users and individual patient axial length measurements. Thanks to the help of Micro Medical Devices, our surgical outcomes were excellent. This handheld A-scan has a much simpler interface than other current systems. Another physician who does not speak English was able to learn to use the Palm Scan simply by watching me use it once. Having used several of the most trusted systems in clinical and research setting at Stanford’s Byers Eye Institute, Stanford Hospitals & Clinics, the Veterans Administration in Palo Alto, and the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, I can say with confidence that the Palm Scan from Micro Medical Devices will soon become the new gold standard in eye care. ”

Dr. Carson Lam, MD

“…… a portable A-Scan on mission trips over the last several years. These units are supplied in a sturdy carrying case with all needed connectors. I found the A scan to be accurate, easy to use, and sturdy. The company with pleasure do deal with as well. Highest recommendation!”

Dr. Brock Magruder Jr

Benefits of A-Scan by Micro Medical Devices

The A-Scan by Micro Medical Devices is designed for mobility, accuracy and equipment compatibility.

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Accurate Probe

The 10 MHz probe provides excellent resolution for accurate measurements and the 132 MHZ sampling frequency provides the best-in-class measurement accuracy
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Accurate Alignment

Equipped with a fixation light on the probe tip for ensuring optimal alignment
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System Compatibility

The equipment is compatible with a PalmScan USB, Tablet, and PalmScan Pro systems
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Extended Warranty

Get a one-year warranty on any MMD biometry solutions, including the A-Scan
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Equipment Compatibility

The equipment is compatible with both our proprietary EZ Tips and Prager shells
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Ease of Interpretation

Reports are easy to read and interpret for clinical decision making

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