Limbal Relaxing Incisions

LRI’s Have Never Been Safer or Simpler

“Your LRI nomogram is the best I’ve ever seen. The LaPlace’s Law correction makes perfect sense and works beautifully.” Warren E. Hill, MD, FACS

An independent study evaluated the effectiveness of PalmScan’s LRI Nomogram system with concurrent cataract vector analysis for correction of astigmatism during cataract surgery with premium IOLs. The results showed 98% of patients achieved uncorrected vision of 20/40 or better with an enhancement rate of only 3.5%.

See results of
independent Study

Reduce Risks
Associated to LRI procedures

Don’t risk cutting on the wrong axis

Don’t risk incisions that are too deep or not deep enough

Don’t risk nomogram table look up errors

Don’t risk documentation errors

Don’t Settle For Less

Micro Medical Devices has introduced its exclusive LRI-Package, tailored for correction of astigmatism, as an option for its PalmScan P2000 and AP2000 pachymeters. The LRI package includes a 50MHz pachymeter probe that allows for fast and accurate peripheral corneal measurement and software to calculate the size, location and depth of LRI/AK incisions based on industry accepted nomograms (NAPA & Laplace-Israel). The results are displayed to the user in the form of a graphical and textual “surgical plan” that can be printed or displayed on the PalmScan device. This surgical plan helps in minimizing risks of many errors associated with LRI procedures.

PalmScan P2000+LRI Package includes: 

PalmScan P2000 with 50 MHz Pachymeter probe for easy peripheral pachymetry

Integrated LRI software for LRI surgical plans with

NAPA and Laplac-Israel nomograms

Vector analysis software for concurrent Cataract and LRI procedures