E-Z Tip Immersion Soft Shell

E-Z Tip immersion soft shells immersion biometry
Perform immersion biometry with only two drops of BSS without reclining your patients

Easier on you, Easier on your patient

Disposable & Ready for use

Patent Pending

For years, eye care professionals have known about the accuracy of immersion biometry but due to the difficulties in performing this procedure, many have been hesitant in performing it on regular basis. All who have tried immersion biometry know that it could be a difficult and messy procedure for the person performing it and uncomfortable for the patient.

The team of designers at MMD have been looking for a better way to perform immersion scans and they have come up with an innovative design that enables a drop of fluid to be suspended – almost magically – infront of the ultrasonic probe. This remarkable design allows the user to perform immersion scans with a prefilled immersion chamber that does not cause fluid to run down the patient’s face

With the introduction of the E-Z tip immersion soft shell, MMD is offering its customers the ability to perform immersion biometry with a small, disposable, soft shell that attaches to the tip of our existing A-Scan probe. This soft shell is pre-filled with a few drops of BSS prior to immersion biometry. Performing biometry with this shell is extremely easy and it is very much like performing Contact or Applanation biometry through a small miniscus of fluid. Using this technique, very accurate axial length measurements can be taken in only a few seconds without any fluid running down the patient’s face.

Watch an Instructional Video on Proper Use of PalmScan A-Scan with the E-Z Tip Immersion Shell

EZ-Tip “How-To” Guide

how to prepare MMD ez tip soft shells immersion biometry

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