Software Downloads and Upgrades

To take advantage of the latest features provided for your PalmScan device, download the applicable file from the Download section at the bottom of the screen. Please make sure to read and carefully follow the download instructions in order to prevent data loss.

In order to update your PalmScan application you need to first download the latest version of the NK_release.bin file to your PC and then copy it to the following two locations on your device replacing the older version of the software (we recommend that you first make a copy the old software for your protection):

  1. /SD Card/NK_release.bin
  2. /Yaffs_part1/bin/NK_release.bin

You can update your PalmScan application by copying the new NK_release.bin file to your SD Card from your PC and then using the SD Card to copy the new file to the bin folder.

You can also perform the update by connecting your device to your PC using a mini-USB cable and copying the files directly using “Active Sync” (on Windows XP machines) or “Windows Mobile Device Center” (on Windows Vista or & machines). See instructions on how to connect your device to a PC on the FAQ page of our website.

After the files have been copied to the proper locations, you need to restart the device by power cycling it.
To request a software update for your system, please contact us by email with your device serial number at