Corneal Waveform An
A-Scan of the Cornea

Figure 1-Corneal Waveform

Pachymeterstraditionally have been devices that provide the thickness of the humancornea in the form of a number that is displayed to the user. MicroMedical Devices‘ PalmScan P2000 is the first pachymeter in the marketto push the envelope by providing users the additional ability todisplay, store and recall of corneal waveforms on a per patient basis.

Cornealwaveforms are the visual representation of the ultrasonic echoesthrough the corneal stroma. Figure 1 depicts the corneal waveform of ahuman eye. The figure consists of two main peaks. The first is form thetransducer-cornea interface, while the second peak is from theposterior corneal interface.

By addingthe ability to capture, store and recall corneal waveforms and placecursors to manually measure distances, Micro Medical Devices has mademeasurable advances in the science of pachymetry. One of these advancesis the ability to compare corneal waveforms of patients by superimposing them.