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Welcome to Micro Medical Devices, Inc. (MMD), one of the leading innovators when it comes to the delivery of efficient, handheld, and battery-operated medical devices to the eye care industry.

We are here to help you realize that creating the ultimate cataract practice doesn’t have to empty your bank account and eat into your profits. We help you realize that it is possible for you to increase your income by just implementing few of our tried and tested secrets.

Seven Secrets for Building a Smarter, More Profitable Cataract Surgery Practice!
At Micro Medical Devices, we are dedicated to your success every step of the way. We fully understand that while you want to provide the best possible eye care for your patients, you also need to make sure that it is profitable as well. This is where we come in! At Micro Medical Devices, we work closely with our clients to come up with the right tools that enable the success of their business.

So What is the Key to Real Success in a Cataract Practice Today?
To create maximum patient satisfaction, growth and profitability in your practice, we will show you;

How to do world class cataract surgery without emptying your bank account?
When it comes to eye care practices, you’re only as good as the equipment you have. This is the main reason why more and more eye care centers are opting for the latest in eye care technologies. This is to make sure that they’re clients are able to get the best eye care treatment, and that they are able to make a profit while providing that treatment.

Micro Medical Devices enables eye care centers to do just that by providing them with some of the latest equipment in eye care technology. One such piece of equipment is the PalmScan system which is comprised of an A2000 A-Scan, a P2000 Pachymeter with an LRI calculator, and a K2000 Keratometer, making this an extremely low cost system that any eye care center can afford and would appreciate. In fact, with the PalmScan system you get more capabilities than what is offered by the expensive optical biometry systems, at a fraction of the cost, without the limitation on which eyes you can measure.

How to gather accurate biometry on dense cataract not measurable by optical biometers?
Most cataract offices today have to make a decision on whether to purchase an optical biometer or not. In almost all cases, any cataract practice will need an ultrasonic biometric system for the dense cataract patients that cannot be measured with the optical system. Even though the cost of an Optical biometer system is many times that of an ultrasonic one, the reimbursement for the service is the same. So the investment in an ultrasonic biometer not only covers all patients (normal and dense cataract eyes), but also the system will pay for itself very quickly through the insurance reimbursements.

The PalmScan system allows for the measurement of the following structure of the patient’s eye

Anterior chamber depth,
Axial length,
Lens thickness,
Autokeratometry readings,
Axis of astigmatism,
Central corneal thickness,
Peripheral corneal thickness
In addition, the LRI calculator will provide an LRI surgical plan to effectively correct astigmatism which is one of the keys to patient satisfaction especially when dealing with premium IOL lenses.

All this allows eye specialists to make a better, more accurate diagnosis of a patient’s condition, which ensures a favorable outcome, both in the results and financially as well.

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The best way to leverage and profit from the latest high-tech, battery operated equipment.
Faced with slimmer profits more and more eye physicians are looking for revenues beyond the traditional realms, and are looking to improve the pace of patient flow through their practice.

Micro Medical Devices offers its clients the best way to leverage their business by taking your measurements in almost any settings, in multiple offices, in nursing homes or even in the OR. The freedom to see patients in multiple settings creates new paths for increasing revenues and your profits.

In addition, portable devices, help increase efficiency and the rate of patient flow through the office, allowing you to see more patients and increase your profitability.

How to improve the outcomes of your premium IOL implantations?
IOL implantation procedure carry risks which can affect the patient satisfaction, which is the reason why it should always be handled with proper care. Micro Medical Devices offers its clients the precision measurements they need to improves their cataract outcomes in order to build a satisfied patient base.

For premium IOL lens implants, correction of any residual astigmatism is key to patient satisfaction. The precision age and pachymetry adjusted, LRI surgical plan provided by the PalmScan system has been tested and verified by independent surgeons and has shown to be extremely effective in alleviating patient residual astigmatism up to 2.5 diopters. This procedure, that can be performed at the time of cataract surgery, can be an added source of revenue for your practice in addition to improving your patient satisfaction.

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How to increase your reimbursement of cataract surgery by offering astigmatic correction with LRI’s during cataract surgery?
Astigmatic correction is a great way to increase your profits since it can be offered to your patients as an add-on cash procedure. Even taking the access of your incision into account will help your patients improve their astigmatism. The PalmScan LRI calculator which incorporates a vector calculator to take all necessary factors into account in addition to patient age and pachymetry is an indispensable tool for successful patient outcomes. It should be used to provide a detailed surgical plan which guides the surgeon on where to cut, how deep to cut and how long the cuts should be.

How to improve your office productivity using innovative tools?
Mobile battery operated devices help increase the productivity of your office by allowing you to bring the device to the patient rather than the other way around which requires one patient to leave a lane before the next one is brought in.

Mobile devices also take less space thereby reducing the footprint and required office space. Apart from that, mobile battery operated devices are light weight, which means that they can be transported easily, unlike the larger machines that require external power source, need to be hauled, and are not portable.

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What essential pieces of equipment you need to transform your cataract treatment practice?

PalmScan A2000 A-Scan + IOL Calculator
Most accurate Immersion and Contact biometer capable of measuring the densest cataracts eyes
PalmScan P2000 Pachymeter + LRI calculator
The perfect tool for correction of astigmatism
PalmScan K2000 Keratometer
Easily measure corneal power
PalmScan Mobile B-Scan
Examine the posterior chamber on dense cataract eyes
Adjustable blade LRI knife
The precision tool needed for LRI astigmatism correction
In a slow economy, many doctors are searching for ways to increase their profit margins and stay busy. This is where the expertise of Micro Medical Devices, Inc. comes in to make sure you are able to provide top quality eye care to your patients and reach that bottom line. Founded by experts in the medical, computer networking, and embedded electronics disciplines, Micro Medical Devices, Inc., is considered as an innovator in the development of a new breed of patent-pending, hand-held diagnostic devices that are mobile, non-intrusive, highly reliable, and most of all, cost effective.

The most successful ideas address the needs of a doctor’s current patient base. This is exactly what we offer at Micro Medical Devices.

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