The Premium Virtual Reality Visual Field Device – NEO

The PalmScan VF2000 NEO incorporates complete visual field analysis and the most efficient and repeatable vision testing technology in a handheld device with the potential to change the way you think about the patient experience.

VF2000 NEO virtual reality visual field analyzer from Micro Medical Devices
Patient receiving vision test with the VF2000 NEO virtual reality visual field device
When Micro Medical Devices Inc. launched the VF2000, it was the first commercially available VR visual field testing device on the market, reinventing the way doctors set up their practices. The VF2000 G2 came next, adding a range of vision tests to this proven model. The VF2000 NEO is the next evolution of this technology — a top-of-the-line, premium version of the VR technology being adopted by practitioners across the globe.

The NEO adds Active Eye Tracking to the features of the VF2000 and VF2000 G2, improving testing accuracy and practice efficiency — and enabling doctors to get unmatched information about their patients before the exam begins.

What Is the VF2000 NEO?

Like the VF2000 and VF2000 G2, the NEO can perform a range of Visual Field tests and Frequency Doubling Technology (FDT) at a level of accuracy on par with the HFA. Also like the G2, it provides the optional ability of four core vision tests using a 4K internal display.

  • Visual Acuity Test
  • Contrast Sensitivity Test
  • Stereopsis Test
  • Color Test

Unlike anything like it on the market, however, the NEO’s upgraded internal optics give it a feature that has the potential to increase the accuracy of testing, reduce the need to repeat tests, and save time spent facilitating vision tests: Active Eye Tracking.

Humphrey HFA versus VF2000 Palmscan test data results
Visual field analyzer VF2000 Palmscan data results

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The Power of Active Eye Tracking

With Active Eye Tracking, the VF2000 NEO can keep a record of where patients’ eyes are focused during the testing. This adds several new benefits to those already offered by previous models:

  • Reduced Errors: With Active Eye Tracking, when a patient blinks or loses focus in the middle of testing, the VF2000 NEO records it and pauses the test, making sure a complete set of data is recorded before finishing the current test and moving on to the next one.
  • Enhanced Control: The G2 and NEO both enable patients to run through a battery of vision tests with little to no help from a technician. Active Eye Tracking adds the option for patients to take breaks when they need to, increasing their control over the testing.
  • Increased Accessibility: A key advantage of handheld technology with a greater degree of ease and comfort by any patient. Active Eye Tracking allows the NEO to better understand how patients with decreased mobility respond to stimuli, increasing the ability to get accurate results for more patients.
VF-2000 headset

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Universal, Versatile Efficiency

The VF2000 NEO can be used anywhere in your practice, as well as off-site and in the field, making it easier than ever to get information about a patient’s vision.

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In Line with Coding Standards

The VF2000 NEO performs vision tests in an innovative way that still meets the standards for the codes needed for correct billing of services in your office.
User friendly operation icon

User-Friendly Operation

The core testing of the NEO can all be done by the patient with minimal guidance from you or your technicians, gathering visual benchmarks more easily than ever.
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Robust Practice Support

Representatives of Micro Medical Devices, Inc. offer comprehensive technical support and resources to every practice that adopts one of our devices.
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With Patient Comfort in Mind

All tests can be run in a way that’s comfortable for patients, without putting strain on their head and neck from holding in an uncomfortable position.
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Safe and Easy to Clean

The NEO is easy to clean between exams, using disposable face shields to prevent contact between the device and the patient.

Hear What Glaucoma Specialist Dr. Paul Singh of The Eye Centers of Kenosha has to say about the new VF2000

The days of intimidating, cumbersome, automated perimetry equipment may be numbered! All our field plots compare astoundingly well with those from a standard Humphrey’s VFA. Above all, patients love this!


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