The Next Evolution of The Visual Test Machine – G2

The PalmScan VF2000 G2 combines a range of vision tests and screenings with a complete visual field analysis, resulting in the industry’s first all-in-one headset.

VF2000 G2 VR visual field machine and remote from micro medical devices
PalmScan VF2000-G2 Visual Field Machine from Micro Medical Devices
As the first commercially available VR visual field testing device on the market, the VF2000 was designed to meet the highest standard of accuracy in visual field testing in a way that’s easier for practitioners and more comfortable for patients.

When you need your handheld perimeter to do even more than that, look to the VF2000 G2. One of the latest innovations from Micro Medical Devices, Inc., the G2 meets those needs with the most up-to-date internal optics, able to quickly run a battery of vision tests in stunning 4K resolution.

What Is the VF2000 G2?

What if you could get a complete picture of a patient’s quality of vision with virtually no interaction needed from you or your staff — in only ten minutes? Using the latest technology, the VF2000 G2 completes a battery of vision tests that are so user-friendly, they can be done independently by a patient with only minimal instruction needed.

The G2 is the first-of-its-kind, portable tool, able to perform the comprehensive Visual Field Analysis and Frequency Doubling Technology (FDT) of the VF2000 with the optional ability to provide four core vision tests:

  • Visual Acuity Test
  • Contrast Sensitivity Test
  • Stereopsis Test
  • Color Test

The needs of the modern practitioner are more complex than ever. Whether you’re an optometrist who needs a more efficient eye exam, a surgeon who needs a visual baseline for choosing an IOL, or a doctor in the field who needs a compact device to perform comprehensive vision testing from anywhere, the VF2000 G2 is the solution for you.

Test results from Palmscan VF2000 G2 visual field machine from micro medical devices
VF2000 G2 visual field machine vs Humphrey HFA test results

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Universal, Versatile Efficiency

The VF2000 G2 can be used anywhere in your practice or off-site and in the field, making it easier than ever to get information about a patient’s vision.

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In Line with Coding Standards

The VF2000 G2 performs vision tests in an innovative way but still meets the standards for the codes needed for correct billing of services in your office.

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User-Friendly Operation

The core testing of the G2 can all be done by the patient with minimal guidance from you or your technicians, gathering visual benchmarks more easily than ever.
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Robust Practice Support

Representatives of Micro Medical Devices, Inc. offer comprehensive technical support and resources to every practice that adopts one of our devices.
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With Patient Comfort in Mind

All tests can be run in a way that’s comfortable for patients, without putting strain on their head and neck from holding in an uncomfortable position.

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Safe and Easy to Clean

The G2 is easy to clean between exams, using disposable face shields to prevent contact between the device and the patient.
The VF2000 gives reliable results at an affordable price, and is a great solution for telehealth and portability needs. Congratulations to the MMD team for developing such a wonderful instrument.


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