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Dr. Cathleen Schanzer


PalmScan Testimonial Videos


“After using many A-scan instruments on previous missions (and back in the US), the AP2000 certainly outperformed competing devices. It was able to scan the most brunescent cataracts that one may encounter, as well as dense posterior subcapsular cataracts that more expensive devices sometimes have trouble attaining measurements for.

The device is highly portable. This makes it an easy carry-on item for international travel considering the amount of gear one has on a mission endeavor. It runs on internal battery power which is a great asset considering
the numerous power outages one experiences in this region. None of this diminishes the device’s scan power. There was not one eye that this device could not scan; and as such, gave all those served access to sophisticated technology that would be otherwise unavailable to them. This was evident when the mission crew observed
the gratuitous smiles on our patient’s faces when the eye-patch was removed the day following surgery!

The PalmScan is a wonderful device with a short operational learning curve and measurements that are easy to obtain. It is also accurate and reliable.

We gratefully thank Micro Medical Devices for allowing us to use this medical instrument that was invaluable to our mission.”

Dr. Kranston Boodram



It is the smallest, most compact A-scan that I know. Its’ portability and ease of use made it a perfect choice for a mission trip. It functioned flawlessly for all our patients. Having had the opportunity to see how well the A-Scan worked in Ethiopia, I will be buying this same model when we upgrade the present A-scan we now have in my office. I appreciate the generosity of the manufacturers and their support of mission work in third world countries.
Dr Steve Olkowski
York, PA


In trying to decide how to upgrade my trusty contact, A-scan unit to improve my cataract outcomes, I decided to have my own right eye measured. Most advised me that the Zeiss IOL Master was the gold standard and so I first went there. My eye measured 24.24mm. I took the printout with me and wandered over to Micro Medical Devices. I chose MMD because their unit was so small, the software was so complete and upgradeable, and because I’d be able to use the unit in any of my five
examining rooms for both biometry and pachymetry and so not have to move any patient I didn’t want to. The IOL Master measured my eye at 24.24; the PalmScan also measured it at 24.24!Given the cost difference and the greater convenience I bought the PalmScan on the spot. I’ve since logged over 450 patients with the unit and I have nothing but praise for it. The accuracy has been marvelous and I’ve had as few post op “surprises” as anyone I know who has used the IOL Master – perhaps two out of 400+ patients, and both were off by only about 1.5 diopters off. I’d recommend the PalmScan to anyone who is looking for amazingly accurate biometry, quick pachymetry that comes in a unit that comes in a very small package with great software.
Gary L. Aguilar, MD
Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology
University of California, San Francisco
909 Hyde Street, #530, San Francisco, CA 94109
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