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Support Services for PalmScan

Extending Your Unit Warranty -Lengthening the Life of Your System

Support Services optimizes the value you get from our systems on an ongoing basis.

Flexible Support to Match Your Needs

MMD support programs are specifically designed to simplify your job, keep your Ultrasound systems up-to-date and minimize delays due to unexpected downtime and repair costs. We let you choose the service that best suits your needs.

Maximize your return on investment by keeping your products up to date and operable with MMD’s Support Service Maintenance Plans. Renewable annually after your initial 1 year support maintenance expires.

 Option 1) Priority Support Plan – (Annual)

Our Priority support plan ensures fast, efficient access to our latest firmware and software. The easiest and most cost effective way to upgrade your Ultrasound PalmScan system is to update the software. With this plan, you will receive:

Unlimited access to the latest software and firmware updates during the term of your coverage. MMD’s support will notify you of any feature enhancements as they become available.

Unlimited Priority technical support with an accelerated escalation ladder to ensure your issues are quickly resolved for every service call you make during your coverage term. You may call for immediate support during our normal business hours. If you call during non-business hours, a service engineer will return your call on the next working day.

Unlimited access to MMD’s Customer Service Center.

Option 2) Premium Support Plan -(Annual)

This plan provides all the benefits of the Priority Support Plan, plus it protects you from unexpected and expensive repair services. In addition to all the benefits of the Priority Plan, you will also receive:

Advance Hardware Replacement. MMD will immediately ship direct replacements of any covered hardware components that our service engineers determine to be defective. You do not wait for failures to be repaired and returned.

Your original Equipment will be repaired upon return to MMD Repair Center and returned back with a high priority.

The warranty also bypasses long delays associated with obtaining a purchase order for individual repairs. You only need to refer to your Support Contract number.

Probe Tips are not covered but they are offered at a reduced price.