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A-Scan Biometer with IOL Calculator- PalmScan A2000T

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Significant Breakthrough in Immersion A-scan Biometry

Perform Immersion A-Scan in a few seconds without having to recline your patients

The PalmScan A2000 A-Scan is an exceptional device able to perform both applanation and immersion biometry. It does both rapidly and with high accuracy. The A2000 makes immersion biometry simple through the use of the E-Z Tip Immersion Shell and the portable A-Scan ultrasound. With the A2000, time will no longer be a restraining factor in the office as the device takes only seconds to complete an immersion A-Scan. It gives doctors rapid outcomes and has the patient walking out the door looking better than before! With the A2000, it is not necessary for doctors to recline their patients or to juggle multiple tools in order to obtain an accurate immersion reading. Through the use of ultrasonic waves, the A2000 is able to quickly measure thicknesses of the anterior chamber, lens, and axial eye length to calculate the required IOL (intraocular lens) for a patient before surgery. PalmScan’s battery operated ultrasonic technology allows for measurements of even the densest cataractous eyes, giving you 100% patient coverage. Another feature of the A2000 is the Contact/Applanation mode where the PalmScan utilizes our proven “Corneal Compression Detection” technique which warns the user of any corneal compression, preventing the user from taking inaccurate measurements.

Ophthalmic biometry has been made easy with the performance of the PalmScan A2000, assuring a smooth and successful surgery for both patient and doctor.

PalmScan A2000T features include:

  • Independently proven to be as accurate as optical biometry
  • Applanation and immersion modes of operation
  • Works with EZ-Tip Immersion soft shell for easiest immersion biometry
  • No need to recline your pateints for immersion biometry
  • Compatible with traditional scleral immersion shells
  • Capable of measuring on extreemly dense cataract eyes
  • Includes IOL calculator with modern formulas
  • Correction of keratometry for post Lasik eyes
  • EMR compatible with detailed PDF reports
  • Large patient database
  • 10 MHz probe with blinking fixation light
  • Tablet PC is included
  • One Year Warranty

As accurate as Laser Interfrometry

At a fraction of the cost

Capable of measuring dense cataract eyes


Comparison Graph

Demonstration of EZ Tip Immersion with PalmScan


Additional Information



  • Clinically proven to be as accurate as partial coherence interferometry
  • Contact and immersion captures
  • Compatable with EZ-Tip Immersion soft shell for easiest and cleanest immersion biometry
    • Perform immersion without having to recline your patient
  • Compatible with traditional hard immersion shells
  • Dense Cataract Penetration – not limited by the density of the cataract lens
  • Built-In IOL calculator with advance formulas
  • Post Lasik correction of keratometry
  • EMR compatible
  • Unlimited storage of patient data
  • Generate comprehensive PDF reports
  • 10 MHz probe with fixation light
  • One Year Warranty

5 reviews for A-Scan Biometer with IOL Calculator- PalmScan A2000T

  1. 5 out of 5


    This A-scan tablet is very user friendly and convenient. It was able to get through the toughest cataracts and give accurate measurements needed for surgery. Since there are only a few simple steps involved, it takes very little time to obtain all the readings. I would highly recommend this product.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I have used the previous PalmScan 2000 and loved it. I recently had the oportunity to use the newer PalmScan A2000 Tablet. Still very portable, easy to use and acurate. But now it is even faster and more acurate. As I had to teach an assistant and resident how to use it, I was pleased to find how easy it was to enter data like keratometer readings and navigate around the IOL calculations section. The various formulae available and A-constant switching with a tap on the screen made IOL decisions simple and fast. This is an excellent product now made even better. I have a lot of PSC cataracts and wheelchair patients that the IOL Master can’t help with. This is the tool to go to without a doubt!

  3. 4 out of 5


    i want to buy this machine so please may i know the price of this products or is it possible to delivery it in japan

  4. 4 out of 5


    accuracy is quite good.

  5. 5 out of 5


    We were loaned a Palmscan A200T and keratometer. The units worked flawlessly and gave us easily obtainable readings, quick calculations for IOL power, and accurate results post-operatively. The learning curve was quick and we all appreciated the convenience and accuracy of the units.

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