Get More Information About Your Patients’ Vision in Less Time

Introducing the VF2000 G2 and VF2000 NEO, the next generation in comprehensive vision testing.

What if, before you stepped into an exam room to meet with a patient for a standard eye exam, treatment consultation, or follow-up visit, you already had access to a complete set of information about their current vision, gathered quickly and easily by your technicians? Meet the VF2000 G2 and the VF2000 NEO.

These portable, handheld devices use the latest technology to run a comprehensive series of vision tests in a way that’s more comfortable, efficient, and accurate than ever before.

The Next Evolution of Trusted Technology

The VF2000 was the first commercially available VR visual field testing device on the market, able to run a battery of full threshold tests and screenings at degree of accuracy on par with the HFA.

Introducing the G2 and NEO

Using the latest technology, upgraded internal optics, and a built-in, high definition, 4K display, the VF2000 G2 and NEO complete a range of vision tests that are so user-friendly, they can be completed independently by a patient with only minimal instruction needed.

  • Visual Field Test
  • Visual Acuity Test
  • Contrast Sensitivity Test
  • FDT (Frequency Doubling Technology)
  • Stereopsis Test
  • Color Test

Introducing the G2 and NEO

The results of these tests can be integrated directly with your practice’s electronic records, painting a more complete picture of their current eye health and vision quality before they meet with the doctor.

VF2000 G2

4K HD Display and New Vision Tests

Because it can provide a range of vision tests and screenings, the G2 is the superior virtual reality visual field solution for the most efficient eye exam possible, providing better objective insights into the changes in your patients’ vision.

VF2000 NEO 

Active Eye Tracking

Equipped with active eye tracking, the NEO is the most advanced virtual reality visual field option available, able to actively monitor the patient’s focus throughout the full test, ensuring accuracy and reliability of test results.

Why practices choose our vr Visual Field headsets


The G2 and NEO can be used anywhere in your practice, as well as off-site and in the field, making it easier than ever to get information about a patient’s vision.


The NEO and G2 perform vision tests in an innovative way that still meets the standards for the codes needed for correct billing of services in your office.


The core testing of these tools can all be done by the patient with minimal guidance from you or your technicians, gathering visual benchmarks more easily than ever.


Representatives of Micro Medical Devices, Inc. offer comprehensive technical support and resources to every practice that adopts one of our devices.


All tests can be run in a way that’s comfortable for patients, without putting strain on their head and neck from holding in an uncomfortable position.


The NEO and G2 are easy to clean between exams, using disposable face shields to prevent contact between the device and the patient.

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