A Virtual Reality Visual Field Headset For The Modern Practice

The last few years have seen practices evolve to become more efficient, flexible, and versatile. The VF2000 is a wearable vision testing device powered by virtual reality that can be equipped with a range of capabilities that help your practice keep up.

It’s Time to Improve the Way You Perform Visual Field Tests

Conventional visual field testing machines like the HFA have long been considered the gold standard, but modern trends have passed them by. They’re bulky, difficult to clean, and slow most practices down to a halt as patients wait to use limited darkroom space.

The VF2000 represents a new era in simple, comfortable vision testing. Schedule a demonstration and see firsthand how this technology can transform the way you operate in your practice.

Why the VF2000 Is a Superior Alternative

Compared to technology of the past — slow, difficult to operate, and uncomfortable for the patient — the VF2000 makes visual field testing quick and easy for you and your techs.

Efficiency Icon


Quick to operate a range of available tests without a dedicated darkroom
Easy to clean Icon

Easy to clean

Each VF2000 model can be wiped down easily between patient uses
Accessible anywhere Icon


Can easily be packed up and transported in and out of the practice setting
familiar reports Icon

Familiar Reports

Reports are identical to standards produced by the HFA and others
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Easy to operate, whether you’re using yourself or training your technicians
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Unlike previous tools, the VF2000 can be used in a range of comfortable positions
VF-2000 Focus virtual reality visual field headset from Micro Medical Devices

VF2000 Focus

Featuring a built-in Focus Wheel, the VF2000 Focus eliminates the need for trial lenses and empowers the most efficient (and accurate) visual field testing in the industry!

G2 Left Bright MMD

VF2000 G2

Our most versatile tool, VF2000 G2 features the latest internal optics, a vivid 4k display, our best-in-class visual field testing, and an available battery of visual screening tests.

VF-2000 headset

VF2000 NEO

With the addition of revolutionary Active Eye Tracking technology to the G2, the VF2000 NEO increases the accuracy and repeatability of the on-board vision testing capabilities!

Familiar, Easy-to-Interpret Reports

With the ability to boost practice efficiency and expand patient volume, it’s not difficult to see exactly how adopting the VF2000 can be a significant upgrade for your practice. Importantly, though, while the technology itself breaks the mold, the reports are in line with conventional standards. Whether you’re using the industry-leading visual field testing programs available on all three devices or any of the vision tests that come optional with the G2 and NEO, the data is easy to interpret and use in educating patients about their quality of vision.

VF2000 VR visual field test screening result 1
VF2000 VR visual field test screening result 2
VF2000 VR visual field test screening result 3
VF2000 VR visual field test screening result 4
VF2000 VR visual field test screening result 5
VF2000 VR visual field test screening result 6
VF2000 VR visual field test screening result 7
VF2000 VR visual field test screening result 8

Which of our Devices is the right fit?

VF2000 FOCUS VF2000 G2 VF2000 NEO
No Need for Dedicated Darkroom Blue Check Icon Blue Check Icon Blue Check Icon
Results in Perfect Alignment with HFA Blue Check Icon Blue Check Icon Blue Check Icon
Innovative Focus Wheel Blue Check Icon
4K Display Blue Check Icon Blue Check Icon
Visual Screening Tests Blue Check Icon Blue Check Icon
Active Eye Tracking Blue Check Icon

What real users are saying about the VF2000: