The VF2000: A New Frontier in Complete Vision Testing

With three available models to suit a diverse range of different needs, the VF2000 from Micro Medical Devices is the most adaptable solution on the market for the modern practitioner.

Vision Testing VF2000 NEO

Upgrade Your Practice with the VF2000

The VF2000 is a handheld vision-testing device, operated using cutting-edge virtual reality technology, that can easily be transported to and from — and used — anywhere in your practice or in the field. You don’t need a dedicated darkroom to use it and it seamlessly connects to your practice’s wireless network, allowing data to be accessed from practically anywhere.

Along with the ability to perform visual field testing on par with the HFA as well as visual acuity, color testing, contrast sensitivity, and more, these devices enable you to get more information about your patient’s vision — before they step into the exam room. And, the VF2000 is more accessible for differently abled and elderly patients than anything that came before it. Because it’s able to be operated from a range of comfortable positions, eligible practices can recoup 50% of the cost using the ADA tax credit!

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VF2000 Focus

Featuring a built-in Focus Wheel, the VF2000 Focus eliminates the need the for trial lenses and empowers the most efficient (and accurate) visual field testing in the industry!

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VF2000 G2

Our most versatile tool, VF2000 G2 features the latest internal optics, a vivid 4k display, our best-in-class visual field testing, and an available battery of visual screening tests.

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VF2000 NEO

With the addition of revolutionary Active Eye Tracking technology to the G2, the VF2000 NEO increases the accuracy and repeatability of the on-board vision testing capabilities!

Reports Based on Familiar Industry Standards

The VF2000 was the first commercially available visual field headset, designed to be a flexible, cost-effective solution to the bulky, inconvenient vision testing methods of the past. But reinventing the way you perform certain tests in your practice doesn’t have to mean learning an entirely new system.

The VF2000 is extremely user-friendly for both you and your patients, the reports closely resemble what you’re used to interpreting, and the accuracy is on par with the HFA — in peer-reviewed studies, the VF2000 and the Humphrey were found to be “in perfect agreement” when compared head-to-head with a single group of patients. [1]

Vision Testing VF2000 NEO

Which VF2000 Model Is the Right Fit?

VF2000 FOCUSVF2000 G2VF2000 NEO
No Need for Dedicated Darkroom
Results in Perfect Alignment with HFA
Innovative Focus Wheel
4K Display
Visual Screening Tests
Active Eye Tracking

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No two practices are exactly alike. That’s why we offer the range of VF2000 models, so you can find the device that meets your needs at a price point that works for your budget. Ready to learn more? Fill out the form to schedule a demo.

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