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PALMSCAN VF2000 Micro Medical Devices product

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Setting a New Standard in Perimetry

The VF2000 is a portable, handheld, and battery-powered Visual Field Analyzer (Perimeter) that uses
virtual reality technology to run full threshold tests and screenings
as accurately as conventional alternatives.

  • No need for a dedicated dark room — tests can be performed from anywhere in your practice
  • Proven diagnostic accuracy compared to the conventional standards — see the study below
  • Easier to clean between uses, reducing the chance of viral disease transmission
  • A cost-effective device that can increase efficiency and flexibility in your practice
  • User friendly focus wheel removes the need for trial lenses by letting the user adjust the focus like a pair of binoculars.

Drive Practice Efficiency – Increase Revenue

Micro Medical Devices

Operate All Functions with Ease

Learning — and training staff — to operate the VF2000 is easy. Our team is standing by to offer support while you adopt this tool into your practice’s standard of care.

Micro Medical Devices

Access Data Securely & Seamlessly

Use MMD’s secure web portal to add new patients, archive old ones, print reports, and easily transfer your reports to your EMR/EHR system using your favorite web browser.

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Micro Medical Devices

Improve Efficiency and Patient Flow

The VF2000 is compact, portable, and you don’t need a dedicated room to use it. Tests can be run anywhere, enabling you to see more patients in a shorter period of time.

Make Patient Comfort a Priority

Unlike the old technology, the VF2000 allows patients to relax comfortably while the tests and screenings are being carried out, resulting in repeatable tests and satisfied patients.

Familiar Outputs with Exact Accuracy

VF2000 Test Results

Preliminary test results are conveniently displayed in the testing screen of the device, allowing results to be viewed quickly and conveniently.

VF2000 Preliminary Test Performance

Easily export patient information to provide detailed, on-the-go results regarding patient test performance.

What Our Customers are Saying…

Micro Medical Devices

Dr. Zia Carrim, MD

The days of intimidating, cumbersome, automated perimetry equipment may be numbered! All our field plots compare astoundingly well with those from a standard Humphrey’s VFA. Above all, patients love this!

Micro Medical Devices

Dr. Alfred Solish, MD

In addition to the obvious physical advantages, the ability to update software almost instantly is intriguing and there is a minimal learning curve. The VR unit certainly has physical and cost advantages over its predecessors.

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