PalmScan Pachymeter Optional DSAEK Package

Learn Why the PalmScan Pachymeter is an Essential Tool for Your DSAEK Procedures

DSAEK Ultra Thin Graft Pachymeter

DSAEK Ultra Thin Graft Pachymeter

Ultra-thin Planar Corneal Lamellar Grafts for DSAEK procedures are currently the gold standard in endothelial transplant technologies. Accurate and reliable measurement of full-thickness, thin-flap, and ultra-thin corneal flaps are vital and necessary steps for successful corneal harvesting procedures. Using an unparalleled sampling speed of 264 MHz and an ultrasonic probe frequency of 50 MHz, PalmScan is capable of the most precise corneal measurements for different flap thicknesses. These features make PalmScan an essential tool for Eye Banks and corneal transplant specialists.

Case Study of Corneal Thickness Measurement with PalmScan Pachymeter While Creating DSAEK Flaps

"Easy to use, compact design, PC compatible. The best Pachymeter I've ever used. Multiple measurement functions make this device a 'MUST HAVE' pachymeter for lamellar tissue measurements during tissue processing in the Eye Bank, uncluding for ultra thin (below 100 microns) DSAEK. Technical support is great. Definitely recommend this product."

Dr. Eric Abdullayev, MD, MBA, CEBT

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