PalmScan A2000 PRO AScan Biometer

PalmScan A2000 PRO A-Scan Biometer


PalmScan A2000 PRO AScan Biometer

PalmScan A2000 PRO AScan Biometer

A Significant Breakthrough in A-Scan Immersion Biometry

Perform Immersion A-Scan in a few seconds without having to recline your patients

The PalmScan A2000 AScan Biometer is a unique device capable of performing both applanation as well as immersion biometry. It does both quickly and with extreme accuracy. The A2000 makes immersion biometry effortless through the use of the E-Z Tip Immersion Shell and the portable A-Scan ultrasound. With the A2000, time will no longer be a limiting factor in the office as the device takes only seconds to complete an immersion A-Scan, giving doctors quick results and leaving patients with no mess and no discomfort. With the A2000, it is not necessary for doctors to recline their patients or to juggle multiple tools in order to obtain an accurate immersion readings. Through the use of ultrasonic waves, the A2000 is able to quickly measure thicknesses of the anterior chamber, lens, and axial eye length to calculate the required IOL (intraocular lens) for a patient before surgery. PalmScan's battery operated ultrasonic technology allows for measurements of even the densest cataractous eyes, giving you 100% patient coverage. Another feature of the A2000 A-Scan is the Contact/Applanation mode where the PalmScan utilizes our proven "Corneal Compression Detection" technique which warns the user of any corneal compression, preventing the user from taking inaccurate measurements.

Ophthalmic biometry has been made easy with the convenience and power of the PalmScan A2000, assuring a smooth and successful surgery for both patient and doctor.

Palm Scan A2000 A-Scan PRO has new and improved features to help your practice run more smoothly and efficiently. These new features have been received with the highest praise by our new customers and we invite you to experience it for yourself. The following new features have been added to the PalmScan PRO:

  • Additional internal rechargeable battery to supply probes that require higher power and extend operational time of the system.
  • You can also use an external charger while operating the device.  In addition, there are two ways to provide power, a provided power supply, and a Micro USB charger.
  • The device also has a built-in USB hub which allows up to 3 external connections to use different probes or with a USB keyboard and mouse, or an external printer.

About A-Scan Biometry

A-Scan ultrasound biometry is routine type of diagnostic test used in ophthalmology. This equipment provides data on the length of the eye, which is a major determinant in common sight disorders. The most common use is to determine eye length for the calculation of intraocular lens power. Briefly, the total refractive power of the emmetropic eye is approximately 60. Of this power, the cornea provides roughly 40 diopters and the crystalline lens 20 diopters. When a cataract is removed, the lens is replaced by an artificial lens implant.


Additional Features of PalmScan A2000 A-Scan Biometer

  • Independent study has proven this device to be as accurate as optical biometry
  • Applanation and immersion modes
  • Works with EZ-Tip Immersion soft shell for easiest immersion biometry
  • No need to recline your patients for immersion biometry with EZ-Tips
  • Compatible with traditional scleral immersion shells
  • Capable of measuring on very dense cataract eyes
  • Includes IOL calculator with modern formulas
  • Correction of keratometry for post Lasik eyes
  • Simple Interfaces with PalmScan K2000 Auto-Keratometer
  • EMR compatible with detailed PDF reports
  • Virtually unlimited storage of patient data
  • 10 MHz probe with fixation light
  • One Year Warranty

As Accurate as Laser Interferometry at a Fraction of the Cost Capable of Measuring Dense Cataract Eyes

PalmScan AScan Comparison Graph

Comparison Graph

Immersion A-Scan Biometer Screen

Immersion A-Scan Screen

A-Scan Biometer Review Screen

A-Scan Review Screen

A-Scan IOL Calc Screen

A-Scan IOL Calc Screen


Here are Some Stellar Reviews of the PalmScan A-Scan's Use in the Field

  • From Azita Kademi, Southern Tennessee Eye Specialists, Collierville, Tennessee

"We have been using a MMD unit for over 5 years. We have been absolutely pleased with the A-Scan. This A-Scan is quick, very accurate, and extremely light and portable. We would like to share our pleasant experience when we had technical problems with the unit. The unit was accidentally dropped and stopped working on a day Dr. Kavoussi had 17 cases ready for surgery. Albert with technical support walked me through everything to fix it.  Dr.Kavoussi was able to still do all 17 cases with no trouble. Without Albert, we would have had a lot of upset patients. We are very grateful for MMD and also thinking of purchasing another unit from them. They have been very helpful!" April 25, 2017

  • From Mick Vanden Bosch, MD, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

"I have used the PalmScan A-Scan for 6 or 7 years for a mission trip to the Caribbean to do cataract surgery ( and I appreciate the ability to borrow it). Several years ago the unit was upgraded and worked even better and was much easier to use for IOL calculations. This year I decided to buy the unit since I am going on two different trips. I was surprised to see another upgrade, but what I thought was a great machine was even better. The quickness and accuracy of the measurements are amazing. Compared with what we use in our clinic (I work for a large system and have little say in purchasing) this is cheaper, easier to use, and more portable. I would recommend this to any and every cataract surgeon."  January 30, 2017 

  • From Dr. Brock Magruder Jr, Orlando, Florida

"...... a portable A-Scan on mission trips over the last several years. These units are supplied in a sturdy carrying case with all needed connectors. I found the A scan to be accurate, easy to use, and sturdy. The company with pleasure do deal with as well. Highest recommendation!" 2 years ago                                                                                  

  • From Carson Lam, MD, Chief Resident in Ophthalmology, Stanford University

"I used the PalmScan for Axial length measurement and IOL calculation in the humid weather of Santo Tomas, Guatemala on a medical mission trip on patients ranging from a 9-year-old boy to a 92-year-old woman with a dense white light perception cataract. There was a fantastic measurement agreement between physician users and individual patient axial length measurements. Thanks to the help of Micro Medical Devices, our surgical outcomes were excellent. This handheld A-scan has a much simpler interface than other current systems. Another physician who does not speak English was able to learn to use the Palm Scan simply by watching me use it once. Having used several of the most trusted systems in clinical and research setting at Stanford's Byers Eye Institute, Stanford Hospitals & Clinics, the Veterans Administration in Palo Alto, and the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, I can say with confidence that the Palm Scan from Micro Medical Devices will soon become the new gold standard in eye care. " a year ago

  • From Anna Szczepanek, The Virtue Foundation, New York, New York

"The Virtue Foundation recently had the pleasure of partnering with Micro Medical Devices for the Virtue Foundation Surgical and Teaching Mission to Mongolia. Part of this mission includes carrying out a multitude of eye exams and surgeries across a variety of eye specialties, including glaucoma, cataracts, strabismus, and oculoplastics. We like to have the very best resources on hand to help us assist as many patients as possible, and therefore looked to MMD to fill some of our equipment needs.

Virtue Foundation has worked with Micro Medical Devices for several years now. Working with Micro Medical Devices has always been a positive experience. The staff is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and very responsive to any and all inquiries regarding the product, options, and use of equipment. In addition, MMD has accommodated our requests on short notice for the last two years, and always ensures we receive the equipment safely, and on time for our Missions.

For the 2015 Mission to Mongolia, the Foundation used two PalmScan AP2000E A-Scan and Pachymeter Combination Units. These two units were used during the patient screening process. Our volunteer surgeons were pleased to have these particular units because they made the screening very efficient. Overall, the physicians found the PalmScans to be extremely useful, claiming they were compact, lightweight, and had excellent battery life. In the clinic, they were easy to use and very accurate, making it an outstanding device for Mission work in particular.

We absolutely will continue to partner with Micro Medical Devices for any future Missions."  a year ago