Mmd Reaches Out To The Dominican Republic

2012 Mission

“I again want to thank Micro Medical Devices for the use of the PalmScan for my mission trip. They have loaned me this for the past 4 years. Three of those years I had a new assistant that would be doing pre-operative work-ups. I was able to ‘train’ them to use the PalmScan in minutes – even my high school daughter. It is so easy to use and compact that it removes one big stress from going overseas to do cataract surgery.” – Mick Vanden Bosch,MD

2011 Mission
Organization: Achieve Eye & Laser Specialists

“The unit functioned flawlessly. It was intuitive to use, produced accurate and reproducible measurements and facilitated first world Cataract surgery outcomes in a third world setting.” – Paul Kremer, MD 

Letter from Dr. Paul Kremer 

2009 Mission
Organization: Sanford Clinic

“The size of the PalmScan is wonderful and easy to pack. But more importantly, it is very easy to use and accurate. I taught an optometrist how to use it in about 10 minutes and our post-ops (extracaps) were seeing 20/40 – 20/80 the next morning.It was by far my most successful trip surgically because I had a good, reliable A-scan machine.” – Mick Vanden Bosch, MD 

Letter from Dr. Mick Vanden Bosch