Mmd Reaches Out To Guatemala

2011 Missions
Organization: Dr. Richard Evans and Dr. Rick Sponsel

“This wonderful little device was so easy to use and beneficial for our service to the Guatemalan people. I have no doubt that we were able to improve their vision even more than we could have without an A-scanner. 

Two people with no opthalmic knowledge learned how to use this scanner quickly with no in-service from manufacturer and with basic probe technique training. That proves its ease of use.” – Paula Wisness, RN

Letter from Paula Wisness 

Organization: Dr. Joseph Kupko and Dr. Martin L. Fishman

“The PalmScan was graciously provided to our eye surgery mission group by MicroMedical Devices. Inc. at no expense. It greatly enhanced our cataract surgery by allowing us, in a very limited medical-surgical setting, to provide the best choice in intra-ocular lens powers. The Palm Scan is small, compact and durable, so it traveled easily with our supplies. The rechargeable battery held its charge for the entire five days of usage. The Palm Scan was easy to use in capturing axial lengths and in calculating IOL powers. New volunteer physicians quickly learned to use the device and were extremely comfortable with its operation, even with extemely dense cataracts. The Palm Scan proved to be an invaluable part of our surgical team.” – Marty Fishman, MD

Mission Brief

Letter from Dr. Lauren Crow

 2007 Missions

3 teenage brothers 14, 15 and 18 were only able to see light and movement prior to surgery.  This is a picture of them after their first surgery.  They did so well that they all wanted their other eye done the week we were there. After the 2nd surgery they were all excited to be seeing things that they haven’t seen since infancy or early childhood due to bilateral congenital cataracts.  I am one of two R.N.s that used the palmscanner, we are obstetrical nurses and not familiar with ophthalmic equipment or the use of palm pilots.  However, your machine was very user friendly…again thank you for your generosity in allowing us to use the palmscanner.”” – Paula Wisness, RN