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A-Scan Biometers

MMD A-Scan devices use ultrasound technology to precisely measure axial length, lens thickness, and anterior chamber depth, for cataract surgery and myopia management.

B-Scan Biometers

The MMD B-Scan is a USB-based device that uses ultrasound technology to view the internal structures of the eye, even in patients with corneal or lens opacity.


MMD’s Pachymeter devices measure corneal thickness to help detect a range of eye conditions. They’re capable of measuring extremely thin corneal grafts (under 100 micron).

Auto Keratometers

The MMD Auto Keratometer device is handheld, USB-based technology that measures the outer curvature of the eye to assist in planning for a lens replacement procedure.

OMNI Corneal Crosslinking System

Corneal Crosslinking enables doctors to slow the progression of keratoconus in their patients. The MMD OMNI system provides focused UV light, critical for effective treatment.

When you’re ready to learn more about how Micro Medical products can help you increase the efficiency and diagnostic accuracy of your clinical practice, give us your information and we’ll be in touch shortly.


Options for Every Practice

For doctors who want their VF2000’s capabilities to go beyond simply providing the industry’s most accurate visual field testing, we offer enhanced technology in additional variations of the device. The VF2000-G2 and the VF2000-NEO models come equipped with a range of vision screening tests and a rich, 4K internal display.

“I am amazed by how accurate this device has been. I feel much more comfortable with my readings and I already see an improvement in my post-op results. Capturing patient A-Scan data has become much easier for me. Overall, the device is an incredible value and compares with any of the top-of-the-line A-Scanners I tested before I purchased the PalmScan AP2000”

Daniel J. Tepper

MD Chicago, IL (Ophthalmologist)

“I would highly recommend the PalmScan for all ophthalmologists and optometrists who are looking for a compact, portable pachymeter and or an A scan ultrasound. It is highly accurate, easy to use, and extremely portable. It’s great since I can carry it with me to satellite offices and perform tests which I would normally have patients come to my main clinic for. And the best part is I feel extremely confident about the results I am getting using the PalmScan.” (Dr. Lee has personally compared PalmScan results to the IOL-Master)”
James Lee

MD (Ophthalmologist)

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Micro Medical Devices is a technology company that specializes in developing portable, handheld technology to help solve day-to-day challenges for a new generation of eye care practitioners. We’re led by a team of engineers, designers, and clinical experts, committed to combining our expertise for the benefit of the people who use our products.

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