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MMD Reaches Out to Sierra Leone in Africa

2011 Mission

Organization: Southern Eye Institute

“Your PalmScan is a miracle worker in this missionary application. The ease of use and the wonderfully accurate measurements contribute significantly to the joy and celebration of our surgical patients.” – M. Kathleen Schanzer, MD 

Letter from Southern Eye Institute 

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2007 Mission

Organization: Vision Outreach International

“As an instrument for use in the developing world I feel the Palm Scan is excellent for several reasons.  First of all size and weight are factors and Palm Scan wins hands down in this area.  Versatility to operate with or without a power source is extremely helpful.  We at times had to function without electricity ( the generator was having trouble so the electricity was off and on…”TIA”).  The Palm Scan IOL calculations and information manipulation was very easy once we spent a little time working with it.

I taught a tech to do A-scans using the Palm Scan and it was very easy and she learned and used it with great ease.” -Tom Fisher,  Vision Outreach International

Letter from Vision Outreach International 

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