Nine Secrets for Building a Smarter,
More Profitable Glaucoma Treatment Practice

How to use the most recent advances in technology to create a more profitable and successful practice. In this free information kit, you will learn to…

  • How to increase your revenue using Tonography reimbursement
  • How to properly leverage the world’s first Bluetooth enabled portable Tonometer
  • How to make more money by examining your patients at any location… WITHOUT buying multiple pieces of the same equipment
  • How to use the Bluetooth linked Tonometer and Pachymeter to save time and increase profits
  • How to use Pneumo-Tonometers to gather information on patients even in difficult conditions
  • A cutting-edge methodology for measuring corneal biomechanical properties
  • Four techniques for obtaining more accurate measurements of corneal thickness for IOP adjustment
  • How the Ocular Pulse Amplitude (OPA) can help you to make quicker, more accurate diagnoses of Glaucoma
  • How to add 164% to your revenue stream via Telemedicine

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privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you